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Details from my training ride from this day:

Cycling Run

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It’s been a while since I have updated. Scaleback Alabama ( went really well. I lost a total of 20 pounds over the 10 weeks. 41000 people started the program, and about 11000 qualified for one of 20 $250 dollar prizes if you lost 10 pounds over the 10 week period. My name was drawn out of those 11000 so I won $250 dollars!!! I plan to donate the money to Camp Sam and The Ride of Love( It give me a head start on surpassing my money raised for last years ride. Last year I raised $1767.00 for The Ride of Love, so I hope to raise at least $2000.00 this year. On Sunday, March 30th, I did a 30 mile training ride in the gusty wind. It really wore me out. I have also continued my diet plan and have lost and additional 6 pounds. I have a goal to lose another 15 pounds before the Ride of Love. I’ve got to get busy!



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