I jumped on my bike for the first ride of the new year, and the first ride on my bike in the last 4 months. Time to start getting into shape for the Ride of Love (http://www.rideoflove.org). I rode about 17 miles, and my lungs were really feeling it. I can’t wait till it starts getting a little bit warmer and a bit less windy. I plan to start picking up the miles and hopefully by February, be averaging about 100 miles a week. I’m also participating in Scale Back Alabama, so the diet should work in nicely with my training plans!

 Here’s to a great 2008…

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  1. Stacy says:

    It was great to see everyone back out there Sunday, and it was a tough ride for us all, but a lot of fun. Thanks for coming, I’ll keep that ride going all season if everyone still shows an interest.

    Thanks for the invite to do the R.O.L. If I work my tail off and can hang with you big dogs by then, I might have a chance of making it, haha. Either way, you have a new supporter.

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