I decided to ride the Chief Ladiga Trail from Start to Finish and back since the trail was complete. It was a nice ride, but a lot of constant pedaling. Very scenic, mountains everywhere. I was able to complete the first 36 miles start to finish without stopping. I took my time riding back and stopped about 6 times, sometimes to take pictures or enjoy the view. Maybe soon I will try to tackle riding all the way to Atlanta from Piedmont viae the Chief Ladiga and Silver Comet Trails. The people that live along these trails really have something to be proud of. I wish we had something like this around here. The trail was very safe and there were not too many streets that I had to cross over. Details from the ride can be found here: MotionBased. Pictures from the ride can be found by clicking here.

Chief Ladiga Trail

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  1. Donda says:

    WOW Jim!! That’s amazing!! I knew you’d been riding a lot, but never dreamed you were riding like this!! You are doing GREAT!!
    Wanted to mention…the Ladiga Trail runs directly behind my Mom’s house in Weaver. That’s where we grew up…yep, right there in Weaver. That is a super trail. I didn’t realize it goes so far. What a ride! Just keep on keeping on!!

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