What a great event. Needless to say, it did not turn out like I had wanted. I started off a very  strong ride, averaging 22 miles per hour. At exactly mile 20 of the ride after climbing a moderate hill, I had a spoke break on my rear wheel. When the Bike Support finally made it to take a look, they did not have a tool to fit my Roval Fusee Star Wheels, so my ride was over, just after it had started. These wheels are brand new and including today only had 40 miles on them. Luckily the Bike Support were from Bobs Bikes, so they took the wheel with them to see if it could be fixed, or if Specialized will replace them. He said looking at it, I would probably get new wheels. Makes no difference to me, because the ones I currently have are new, I just want them fixed and I also want to be able to depend on these wheels. I can say they did make a difference cutting through the wind on the flats. I wish I could have tried them out on the steeper climbs, but oh well. I guess it’s better the spoke broke when it did and not when I was coming down one of those hills at 40+ mph!!!

I can’t wait for the Ride of Love! Don’t forget it’s coming up May 17th!!!

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