December 30, 2006 Day +1368 Day 1066 off therapy

Today the boys went to the hunting club with the 4 wheeler, gator and tractor all in tow. Logan about worried himself and the others to death about rather or not the batteries were in the back. Jim had to go pick up Paw paw and help get the trailer all hooked up and it took longer than the boys thought neccesary and they were getting a little upset. Taylor had pulled up a chair to the window and was watching for them.

I had big plans for cleaning the house and taking down the Christmas stuff while they were away, but I quickly talked myself out of that. I went shopping with Guh and then just hung out at her house and watched the Game show network. I am such a geek! I met up with Gam maw later on in the day and we drove to meet the guys at Buck’s, a hole in the wall steak house that is delicious! While we ate we heard all about the days adventures. Taylor drove his 4 wheeler straight through a mud puddle and stalled it out and got stuck. He was scared! Right now he prefers to ride around the camp area rather than down trails and in the woods. I think I am okay with that! He had a blast though and so did Logan. Logan has been to the hunting club once and it was only to pick something up, they didn’t stay long. This was so exciting for him, he absolutely loved it. I have been waiting so long for them both to be able to go!!! I was worried about Logan thinking he was just too little to go, but he is the same age as Taylor. We have some of the sweetest pictures of Taylor curled up in a shooting house asleep or sittlng in the woods on a log all decked out in camo. Logan is not like Taylor, I don’t think he will ever sleep in a shooting house, but rather yell and kill the hunting for everyone. Paw Paw had both boys with him and they got to fighting, so he gave up hunting and went to let them ride. Logan is like his mama and will not use the bathroom in public places nor bushes, so he “froze up” a few times. He did not have any accidents though, so that is good.

After our yummy dinner Gam maw and I headed for home and the boys headed back to camp to sleep. Logan was thrilled to be “camping”. He never stayed at the “HC” before, but Taylor showed him the ropes. They were so cute leaving home in all camo and sleeping bags in tow. Once I got home I looked at the mess and all the hopes I had for the day and then walked on by. I climbed in my bed and watched TV and read my book until I fell asleep slap in the middle of the bed.

I had a perfectly lovely day and I know my boys had a fabulous day. I am so thankful and blessed! Please pray that Taylor has nothing but fabulous days from now on. Pray for Evan who is still limping. He will head back to Memphis on Monday and hopefully get some asnwers about why he is limping. Pray for our new friend Jacob who has low counts and that could possibly mean relapse. Pray for all of our friends who are battling this beat called cancer. Pray for those who were missing a loved one this holiday season.

December 29,2006 Day +1367 Day 1065 off therapy

1I see this is update number 2. It has been a crazy day. Logan woke up with a tummy ache and has had the “poo poo water” as Taylor calls it, all day long. I left a pull up on him for most of the day and it is a good thing. He was trying his best to get to the potty, but didin’t make it. That is the only accident he has had other than his little fit of deffiance last week. He has gone several times today just like Taylor, it is rather sporadic. Taylor has a runny nose and the ever present cough, but other than that he is great. Last night I kept dreaming abiut skidding off the road and then realizing that we were okay. Today Taylor wanted Burger King and then it hit me. One year ago today was our little accident on the interstate. Luckliy for us today went much better. They did give me a hard time though and that caused them to lose their outside time. I went to get a hair cut and they did dine until I got in the chair. Logan was pushing a chair around and around until he got drunk and slammed into the wall. Taylor was jumping up and down on the handle to make it go up and down. I was so mad, but what could I do? They were furious when we got home and they didn’t get to go outside, but oh well. We did watch The Shaggy Dog two times. Taylor loves it!

Tomorrow the boys are heading to the hunting club. I am not sure that there will be much hunting goiing on, but the kids ae thrilled to be taking thier riding toys with them. Hopefullly the rain will hold off and let them have some fun. I will update again as soon as they get back full of stories. Please check in on out friend Evan. He is having some limping issues. Lets all pray that it is from high counts and nothing more.

December 29, 2006 Day +1367 Day #1,065 off treatment

1Welcome to the new latest news format. Here you can keep up with the same information you always have, but in a different format. You can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive notifications automatically when information is updated. You can also leave comments on each days post if you would like. Don’t forget to Sign Taylors guestbook to let us know you stopped by. We will be posting pictures soon from christmas and some video as well.

December 28, 2006 Day +1366 Day #1,064 off treatment

What a crazy day. Jim had to go back to work today, so it was just the boys and me. Logan was up at 6:57, how sweet of him. He was content in his room until about 7:30 when he brought me clothes and wanted to be dressed. I told him we were not going anywhere today and that I would dress him later. He fell apart at that. I told him to go play and I would dress him in a minute. He was mad and slammed his door and cried. It got quiet in a few minutes so I thought he was happy again. I went back to sleep. Taylor woke me up at 8:30 wanting oatmeal. I asked him where Logan was and he said, “asleep.” I had to get up and see that for myself. Sure enough he was sound asleep on his bedroom floor where he stayed until 10:00. Little fart! I guess the hussle and bussle of the last few days finally hit him. Taylor has been a silly goose all day. He danced and sang to all the cartoons he watched. He is so funny. Logan finally got up and ate some oatmeal, but only because I said he had to before eating m&m’s.

We went outside for about an hour and rode the riding toys, but Logan’s battery died and Taylor ran out of gas. We headed back in without too much of a fight. The fight came after we went in. Taylor had a touch of a fever, well, maybe, it was normal within 45 minutes. Anyway, I told him we needed to do some saline in his nose to get some of the gunk out. He was so mad, he hates that and I can not even imagine what it must feel like to shoot water up your nose. I calmed him down and told him that he only has fever due to the sinus infection and if we can get all that out he will feel better and not have fever. I told him if he had fever he would not go outside or to the hunting club this weekend. Well, it worked as far as getting Taylor to do his saline with no trouble, but Logan flipped out. He wanted to go to the hunting club too and I assured him that he would go on Saturday, but he wanted to go NOW! When Taylor was 3 you could reason with him. That is how we started doing things based on numbers of sleeps. Taylor knows that in 2 sleeps he is going to the hunting club. Logan didn’t give a hoot about how many sleeps it was all he heard was he isn’t going today. That took forever to calm him down. Once we got that over with and we tried showing him on the calendar how many sleeps and all, he fell apart again, this time because he didn’t want to go to bed. UURGH, the child is a monster! I ended up putting him to bed. That too was ugly, but even after his long morning nap, he could hardly keep his eys open and was asleep in a matter of minutes. Taylor actually wanted to lay in my bed. I thought it would be like old times where I read a book and he pestered me to find all the 8’s in the book until he fell asleep. Nope, he was at the foot of the bed with his feet hanging over. He was swinging his legs as fast as he could while he watched cartoons. He soon was up and eating a snack although he did do it at the foot of my bed in the floor. I guess I should just be glad he was in there with me at all. He will soon be 6 and I am sure 6 year olds are too cool to hang out with mom!

Taylor and I played his new go fish game. It is a Leap Frog version and it is very cute. He loved it and he also won all on his own. He even cleaned his room without being asked and did it right! I have given up on cleaning. I have picked up the living room about 5 times, but you can’t tell it. I will wait until they hit the hunting club and then do it. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s and used one of our gift cards. It wsa yummy! Taylor had to go poop again while we were there. It was acrtually the only time he went today, but it was water. I guess all the jumk food he has had lately is doing it. I hope so! He has certainly had a lot today. I know he has had a ton of oyster crackers, a cheese sandwich, mac and cheese, oatmeal and is asking at this very moment for noodles. PIG! NOw that we are home we are just haning out. The boys had a great time in the tub. They had two empty bottles that they had a water fight with. You would think we have no toys around here as much fun as they had with something that should have been in the trash. They are still enjoying all their new stuff and actually sharing pretty good. Lets pray that lasts.

It was a nice, normal day. I pray that we continue to have nomral days for many years to come. Tomorrow should be much like today. We have no plans. Since I have given up on trying to clean my house we may vernture out, but not too far. We have dentist appointments for both boys on Tuesday, so we will be out all day that day. I am trying to let them stay home as much as possible for their break. Okay, really I am just too lazy. I am sure next week we will get bored and get out some, but for now we are just staying put.

Please pray for all our friends who are still fighting their fight. Pray that those that are NED can remain that way. Pray for those who are missing a loved one. Pray for those angelversaries coming up.  also check in on Gracie Pray for Evan to be able to stay home the entire break without any troubles. Plus the many more. Pray that Taylor has been healed of the beat and never again will have to endure treatmetns. Latest news