July 8, 2016 Day +4846 days post transplant Day +4544 off therapy

Here we are half way through summer! It’s been a fun one!

We finished off the school year with a/b honor roll for both boys. Taylor did great his first year in high school! He enjoyed it as much as a 15 year old enjoys school! Logan did well in his first year of middle school too. He’s our social butterfly!! 

Logan made the middle school baseball team. Yay!!! He has been looking forward to wearing that school uniform like his daddy!

We left ball tryouts, literally, left the field and headed north! We stopped in Washington DC, Maryland, Philadelphia, and New York. We saw all the monuments, liberty bell, Babe Ruth’s house, Arlington, changing of the guards, the Rocky steps, Hershey Park, Orioles vs Red Sox, Brewers vs. phillies and a nationals vs. cardinals games. Of course, Camden yards and mookies 3 home runs was the high light!!!! 

We made our way to the quaint little town of Cooperstown, Ny. We visited the hall of fame and Logan played ball at Dreams park. It was so cool!!!! Logan even got a HR!!! We learned today that coach Lou, the founder, had a heart attack and died unexpectedly  this week. So very sad, what a great place he made!!! Glad we got to meet him! 

Once home we all returned to our normal summe routine….work, sleep, swimming, napping…you get it!!

Logan got hit by a pitch in the elbow! It immediately swelled up, we were so afraid it was broken, but luckily, it wasn’t!

Taylor slammed his thumb in the car door and had to go get a hole burned in his nail to let the blood out! Then he fell and we again thought we had a broken arm. Dr even thought it was broken, but it was a deep bruise. Always something with boys!!

We have thrown in cross country practice and school baseball practice, driving and a girl friend! 

Camp is coming up for Taylor. Six flags for Logan. Mt. Airy to visit Mayberry for Kim and Guh. Plus, a really cool trip for Logan to play ball in ny again! 

School starts back August 11th.we will stay busy with our new adventure with cross country running. Taylor keeps us busy with driving!! 

April 19, 2016 Day +4766 post transplant Day + 4464 off treatment 

Where does the time go? It flies by when you are busy bees and that is what we are. 

January brought practice at school and travel ball. It brought driving for Taylor and he likes to keep the roads hot!! 

February brought games starting for school and travel. Logan is the manager for the school team and is required to help out at home games. He’s on a new baseball team and it’s less travel and hotel stays. We’ve enjoyed the less hectic schedule and being back with local people, but miss our elite family bunches! February also brought Logan’s first Sadies Hawkins dance! What fun! It even brought a few “dates” for Taylor. 

March brought more of the same. Spring break came and went with no excitement this year. 

April is more ball and more driving. It’s that time of year for us, we don’t have much more to talk about.  


January 19, 2016 Day +4675 post transplant Day +4373 off treatment 

Happy 15th Birthday Taylor!!!!!

What a blessed day! What an exciting and scary day! I vividly remember sitting in the hospital with my tiny, 1 year old Taylor and fearing the furure. The future is here and Taylor is no longer a tiny 1 year old who is sick, he is now a happy, healthy 15 year old! Our God is so good!! Praise him!!!

We’ve been busy bees since my last post. We had a fabulous Christmas. The boys are getting big and that gets hard. Taylor got jeep stuff and Logan got hunting stuff. No toys here! That’s kinda sad!

We went to Gatlinburg for a few days. We didn’t find any cold weather there either. It was in the 70’s! We still had a great few days. On the way home we learned that all the torential rain we have had lately made our retaining wall fall. What a mess!!! We are well on our way to getting that cleaned up and redone. It’s a huge inconvenience, but we’ve been through much worse!!

We spent a few days at home. The boys hunted…..well, Logan did. Taylor went a few times, but he’s in full teenage mode and would rather sleep!!! Logan got a deer!!! He was very excited!

Me, Guh, nana and Mary too a girls trip to Nashville. We had a blast! We went to the opry at the Ryman and it was so fun. 

Once home, it was time to get back into routine. That wasn’t easy!!!! Taylor is on the block system which is less classes for longer times each semester and they change each semester. So, it was like the first day for him. He got a whole new schedule. He doesn’t like this one as much as last semester, but he likes it. He really enjoyed his art class, so he misses that. 

Logan did a baseball camp in auburn. He had a great time!!! Jim and I sat in the cold and watched. It was fun. The ride home was good until a huge dog ran out in front of me. Uuugh!!!!! Killed the dog and did some damage to the car. Nothing major!!! Again, headache, frustrating, but oh well. We were not hurt! 

Well, the main point of this post is to say Happy birthday Taylor!!!!!!! 

December 3, 2015 Day +4628 post transplant Day +4326 off therapy 

Busy, busy, busy!! That’s what we have been!! Before I get started, I just want to look at the numbers above. 4628!!!! Amazing! I remember thinking the 100 days of isolation would never end, we’d never go back into public, would we ever get to 2 week check ups???? Slowly, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 month, 4 months, 6 months and now yearly. Time flies when your having fun!!!! God has been so very good to us!

As for the last few months…….

Logan took fall off with baseball. It was a nice break and we all got some rest and caught up on things around the house.

Logan was the manager of the football team which he loved. He stayed after school daily and attended all games. 

Taylor is loving high school. The block system allows for fewer classes per semester which is easier for him. He is making great grades and has the best case manager ever!!! Taylor’s braces came off too!!! 

The boys did the camp SAM 5k.

Homecoming was, umm, fun. Lots of rolling!!! Rolling is a status symbol here. You don’t want to get caught, but you want your house rolled! Taylor participated in the homecoming parade. 

We did our usual pumpkin patch fun. Taylor has outgrown it and didn’t have the best time, but he did enjoy picking the biggest pumpkin in the patch!

Taylor celebrated the 13th anniversary of being diagnosed. Yes, celebrated! He is cancer free by Gods grace and many people have been placed in our lives because of cancer.

Taylor and Jim went to Wisconsin on a bear hunt. They had an absolute blast and he got a bear! While they were gone, Logan, me and some friends went to Atlanta for some fun.

We went to Kentucky for a wedding. We had some fun site seeing along the way.

The guys have been hunting every free minute. Like, really, they spent the entire thanksgiving week hunting. Taylor and Jim have both gotten deer. 

That’s about it for now. Baseball practice has started back. Logan will be manager of the baseball team, so that will soon be in full swing. Taylor is gearing up to be 15!!!! He is so exited. I have mixed emotions!! At one point I wasn’t sure he’d turn 2 much less 15, so I’m thrilled. However, the idiots on the road scare me!!! 

Everyone have a fabulous holiday season!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 


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