January 17, 2009 Day +2117 Day +1815 off therapy

Hello all. I really do not have an update today. We did nothing all day long. In fact the kids never even took their pj’s off. They spent the night with Gam maw and Paw Paw and we just took them like they were!

I baked Taylor’s cake and planned to ice it after I got home from dinner at Gam maw’s. I had the cake on the counter. Taylor came in and asked if that was his cake. I told him yes. He looked a little sad. I thought, uh oh, he is upset that we didn’t buy a cake or daddy make a fancy cake even though he said he didn’t care. A few minutes later he came in and asked, “while I am at Gammaw’s, will you at least put a little icing on it?” Ha, the silly boy thought he was getting plane old cake! He is too funny. Now the cake is done and though it is okay, it is a sore cry from looking like one of Jim’s cakes.

Please stop by Morgan’s page. She has been diagnosed with scoliosis. Now, we know that this is not a big deal once you have been through cancer, but still, it is hard to deal with when all you want is for your child to be healthy and normal. Stop by and leave them some encouraging words. www.caringbridge.org/nc/morganbarnesAlso, remember that voting starts tomorrow for Nena and Ellie. I watched the video. It is so true to what really goes on. Nena and Ellie were there everyday for us! You can vote once a week, so please do. The winner will be flown to NYC and presented the award at the national dog show. I want that so bad for Nena and Ellie. They are the best!!! You know she was made part of the top 5 out of 100’s of applicants, so you see, they are the best!!!! The website can be found on the Jan. 16th update.