January 15, 2009 Day +2115 Day +1813 off therapy

Please be in prayer for the Nunnally family. They lost a family member very suddenly yesterday. This is a dear member of our “baseball family”. Jim and Chris played ball together and now the grandkids play together and it is always a great time when we are all together. Please be remember this family in your prayers.

Today was a good day. Logan is really trying to do better. He still gets in trouble and he still has a few things to work on, but we can deal with it. He is really doing better. Lets hope it sticks!!!

Another very cold day. I dread even getting up tomorrow! At least it is Friday. I am off tomorrow for my own Dr’s appointment. Yahoo for me! Logan will go to school and Guh will pick him up. Taylor is so excited to bring cupcakes to school tomorrow since he gets to be out of school on his birthday. Lucky fellow!!!

Please be in prayer for Lorie and Daryl. Pray for all of the Nunnally and extended family members. Pray for all of our “C” friends.