December 30, 2008 Day +2099 Day +1797 off therapy

Today the tree made its way to the attic. Yeah! I love Christmas and all the decarations, but when it is over, I just want it down. We spent the day cleaning out the garage. Yeah, that was fun, but we got rid of a lot of junk and trash. We made yet another pile of yard sale stuff, that pile seems to never end. We ran some errands and took Logan to GameStop to spend his gift card he got from his buddy Carson. He picked out a baseball game. Taylor is starting to get a little bummed about not having a DS. We thought about getting him one for his upcoming birthday, but at the same time we feel they need to learn to share. We could have twice as many games if they could share. Anyway……that too is a never ending subject around here.

Jason, Amy and Blake came over for a night of Guitar hero and American Idol. We had a great time singing and playing guitar. Now, I never said we sang good, but we sure did have a good time with it. It is so funny. The kids were upstairs most of the night and the house is still standing. They played well together. Taylor was pouting because he left his PSP in Guh’s car the other day, so he didn’t have it and Logan has his DS and Blake had his PSP. Oh well, he got over it. They found something else to play.

After everyone left, Loga went to bed. He was absolutely exhausted. He never even noticed that Taylor, Jim and I went back downstairs to play. He was gone! Taylor built a guitar and microphone out of tinker toys and jammed out while Jim and I played American Idol.

Please be in prayer for Taylor. Pray that he never again has cancer in his body. Pray that we can get his sinuses cleared back up. Poor guy has been a mess for 2 weeks now. Pray for Lorie, I have not heard from her and I just pray that no news is good news. Pray for several new friends. The new Auburn baseball coaches daughter has PNET, a brain tumor. Also, the Auburn swimming coach was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Pray for all of those out there that are fighting illness or injury.

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  1. Hey!!!! Wishing all of you the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR yet!!!!! I brought it in by sleeping….tradition in my house! Katie and friends were at a party in town, so I didn’t sleep to well until I knew she and her friend were home. I had to play musical beds around 4 am due to a certain someone snoring in my bed. He wanted to go in to the store today (I KNOW!!!!), so I let him go. I stayed at home. I have a bunch of laundry to do, a daschund to wash, dishes to load…you get the idea. Hope this new year brings you all a lot of happiness and great health…especially Taylor. Seems like yesterday I was logging into his page and saw this cute little baby, now he’s growing up so fast. I am still amazed at the miracle that was performed on him….we know WHO is in charge! Better get busy…have so much to do today! Take care and have fun today! Much love, Cathi

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