December 24, 2008 Day +2093 Day +1791 off therapy

Happy Christmas Eve to you all. We have been busy little bees all day long. We started the day off by going to Blake’s house for a few minutes. Then we headed to Guh’s house to eat lunch and exchange gifts. The boys racked up at the first stop! They had hunting sets complete with little tree stands and all. They had lincoln logs, tinker toys, hot wheel cars and cases to put them in that hang over the door. They got blocks and erector sets. They had fun all afternoon playing.

Soon it was time to head to Mary and Andy’s house to do it all again. They have had their house remodeled and it is not even the same house. It is awesome! We ate and ate and ate and ate until we were all about to hurl. Okay, TMI, but that is really what happened! We exchanged gifts. We drew names this year rather than dirty Santa. Everyone got something they really wanted. We all had “little birdies” to tell us hints. The boys racked up again with more hot wheels and a really cool track to race them on. They got a fishing set and marshmallow guns. I myself want to play with that!

After we all opened gifts we went up to the new game room and played rock band. It was so much fun! It was really fun with a lot of people. We have fun playing games here, but it was fun to play with teens and adults who knew how to play and knew the songs. We had a great time!

We are now home and waiting “patiently” for Santa. Taylor is asleep and he is usually the one still up at midnight. Logan fell asleep in the car on the way home and got a power nap and now WILL NOT go to sleep. We have fed the reindeer and put cookies out for Santa. We are all ready. I guess I better get in the bed so that the jolly old guy can come!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!