December 22, 2008 Day +2091 Day +1789 off therapy

Here we are on the Monday before Christmas. The boys and I slept late. It was about 8:15 when Logan and I got up and Taylor came straggling in at about 8:30. I know by the end of next week they will be sleeping til 10 or so and then it will be awful to have to wake them up at 6:30 on Jan. 6th.

Today we did nothing. Well, sorta. I cleaned house. The boys cleaned their rooms and went to the Dollar Tree with Ghen Ghen. They go every year and buy their own gifts. Ghen Ghen does not help them at all. They love it! They came home and wrapped it all and put it under the tree.

We met the crew at the Chinese restaurant. The boys eat pretty good there. Logan looked like an alligator ripping into flesh as he ate his egg roll. He got one from the bottom of the pan and it was a little chewy. They do not give you a knife and a fork along wouldn’t cut it, so we told him to pick it up. He did and it was a mess. Needless to say he didn’t finish it. Taylor loves the sesame chicken and rice. I don’t think it hurts anything that it is right next door to the Toll House Cookie store! I don’t think they want Chinese food so much as they want to be near that store!

Once we got home we did more of nothing. The boys watched some classic Christmas cartoons like Santa is coming to town, Rudolph’s shiny new year etc. They liked it, but Logan commented that it looked funny! Ha!

Please be in prayer for Taylor. Pray he never again has cancer in his little body. Pray for Lorie as she heads back to MDA today. Pray for all of those who are missing a loved one this holiday season.