November 30, 2008 Day +2069 Day +1767 off therapy

Wow, the last day of the month. It is the last time in the year 2008 that I will ooh and ahh over how the fast hte month went. I can’t believe that in 16 days Logan will be 5 and in 25 days it will be Christmas. Taylor can’t believe that in 19 days he will get 17 days out of school! Hey, they kids knows what is important! He is so funny. He is excited about going back to school, but at the same time he is counting down the days until he is out again!

Today Logan slept until 10:00 and Taylor until 11:00. We didn’t do a lot this morning other than get ready and cook to go to Guh’s house. The garage door is still not working right. We can not figure out if it something not done right or what? Jim will keep tweaking it and it will work. The installation fee was $250 the door didn’t cost much more, so we hated to pay that, but we see why it is so high:)

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Guh’s today. It was yummy and we all ate until we were sick. The boys put up the tree at her house. I sat and watched! I have had my tree putting up fun! After our visit we headed back home and Jim went back to the garage and the boys and I watched movies. I taped Annie for them and they watched about 10 minutes of it and asked me if I had something better to watch. I was devastated! We turned Dennis the Menace on and that was right up their ally! After that we turned on Batteries not Included. Do you all remember that from the 80’s? When it was coming on it was all in black and white and Jim was telling them that it was a movie that he and I watched when we were little. Taylor asked, “does it have any color?” How funny? I asked him how old he thought we were and said, “old”. Turkey!

We finished that stupid puzzle today and now it is back to being a jumble of 1,000 pieces in the box. It was a lot of work for 5 minutes of gazing at it then tearing it up. Oh well! Taylor is ready to start a new one soon!

Please be in prayer for Taylor. pray that he continues to win this battle. Pray for Taylor H. who will have an MRI tomorrow and lung surgery Tuesday. Pray for Lorie that her pain stays minimal and the new drugs work and rid her body of cancer. Pray for all of our friends!!!

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  1. …..LET’S JUST HOPE THEY DIDN’T LEARN ANY NEW TRICKS FROM DENNIS!!!!!!!!! BETTER BE ON YOUR TOES! Glad yall had a great day Thanksgiving. We stayed at home due to family all going off out of town and Ray having to work shiftwork. i cooked a feast for 3 people…we are still nibbling on it. i am about sick of it though, so much that I don’t want it again for Christmas dinner, hopefully mom will have ham and I will do the potatoe salad…my step dad WILL NOT eat turkey and no one will eat the potatoe salad unless I fix it! I don’t put any funny “stuff” in mine like mom does and my sister doesn’t cook. I am here at the store for the afternoon…me and the dog are ready to go home now! Kisses to the boys! Love, cathi

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