November 12, 2008 Day +2051 Day +1749 off therapy

It was back to routine today. We all went back to school and work. Taylor had a good day at school. It was playground day and they made it out before the rain came, so he was happy.

We came home and did homework and I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did with his money problems. He counted it write everytime. Way to go man! He does love money!

Logan was not a good boy today. He BIT a friend. Yes, you heard me. He bit. At the age of 4 yrs and 11 months the child bit. He has never been a biter, but he chooses now to do so. UURGH! He had to sit in his room this afternoon rather than play. He didn’t care!

Paw Paw took the boys to Chick fil a and Gam maw, Cathy and I went shopping. It was fun. I had choir practice after that and it was a late night.

Please be in prayer for Taylor. Pray for Anna who had her first blood transfusion yesterday. Pray for all of our friends.