Lunch For Life campaign is up and running

Donate in Taylor’s Honor:

It is that time of year again. You can give to these organizations anytime of the year, but at this time of year people really start to think of things to donate to. I wanted to list some of our favorites.

First off and probably the most near and dear of all is Camp Sam. You all know that this is Alabama’s camp for kids who have or have had cancer. They got to camp session in the summer for FREE. They got to events throughout the year for FREE. Such events are the pumpkin patch, Disney on Ice, the teens went to Gulf Shores and last year to NYC. We go to the Gov. Mansion for egg hunts, Christmas party with food and gifts, all FREE. You can visit to donate money or time or items to Camp.

Our next most favorite is Lunch For Life. This is an organization started by Mark Dungan who has a daughter with NB. The idea is that if you give up your lunch money for the day and get 10 friends to do it and so on and so on that a million dollars will be raised. What a cool and easy way to raise money. All money donated to Lunch For Life goes straight to Neuroblastoma research. At Christmas they have the givign tree campaign. Every $5 donated in a child’s name puts an ornament on their virtual tree and every ornament is a chance at a drawing for a trip to Disney World. I am not saying that we wouldn’t love the chance to go to Disney, but the important thing here is that all the money goes to NB research. Childhood cancer gets very little money period and NB gets the smallest amount and probably needs the most. So, go to and go under giving trees and donate under Taylor Watts. You can also get cook books to help raise money and they would make a great gift. It is a great cookbook.

We also like to support the Red Cross, where would be without our blood donors and the folks that take the blood. Giving blood is free and I Promise it wont hurt! 

Alex’s Lemonade stand. www.alex’ As you may know Alex was a little girl with NB and she wanted to help find a cure “one cup at a time”. She has gone to heaven, but her legacy lives on with the lemonade stand. All money goes to childhood cancer research!

The Children’s Neuroblastoma cancer Foundation (CNCF) www.nbhope.orgThis was started by Pat Tallungan who also lost her son to NB. Again, all money goes to NB research. This organization also has a conference every other year for NB parents and the majority of the people go on CNCF. We went a few years ago to Chicago for this event and our hotel was paid for by them. It is a great weekend spent learning all about the new research on NB.

So, there are a few ideas for your gift giving. We have been touched by all of these places.

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