November 5, 2008 Day +2044 Day +1742 off therapy

Today Taylor went on his limo ride to Pizza Hut for the cookie dough sale. He had a blast as always. It is hard to sale that many cookies, so it is nice that they reward the kids in such a way. He missed his inflatable party, so he was thrilled that he was all well and got to go today.

Logan stayed home with Jim today. He fell off his bike and busted his lip and hurt his nose. I am sure that is going to happen a lot in his life. He is so rough!

Taylor once again forgot his AR book and his speech folder. I have reminders on his folder that he is supposed to check off so that he gets all he needs, but he just doesn’t do it. It is frustrating at times, but I try to look past it. I just don’t want him to fall behind in school due to his not bringing the proper things home.

I have not talked to Nicole again today. I know it will be a long day of waiting, but as soon as I know more I will let you know. Please keep them in prayer. I also have not heard from Lorie. She is at MDA, so pray she is getting some much needed good news!

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  1. Hey, I’m still here and checking in, just being LAZY! Glad to hear about all the normal stuff in your lives…that’s the way it’s supposed to be…little boys falling off their bikes, bringing frogs in the house in their pockets etc! GLAD THEY don’t live at my house though! We have a mouse and have been trying to catch him…love it when it runs out in front of me! Hope Jim is feeling better soon and i will pray that none of you get it! take care and keep coming with the great stories, I LOVE them! Tina emailed me the other day..nothing much, just a note. She and meagan are fine, busy as usual. i will try to get up with her and get a detailed email on her life! Love, cathi

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