September 13, 2008 Day +1991 Day +1689 off therapy

Happy Saturday to you all.

Today we all slept late and then we headed to Alabama Adventure. It was so hot outside, but the water was cold! We found several friends there, so we had a good time. The boys did not want to leave, it has been so long since we have gone and they don’t believe me when I tell them we can go back next weekend. We have 2 more weekends to use our passes.

After a few hours at the water park we headed home. The boys went outside to play and that is where they stayed until dark. Well, Logan came in for a while and fell asleep, but Taylor went back outside to play with the hit away. He is ready for his ball game tomorrow. He told us “I’m trying to get my head in the game.” He is so funny! I went to Wal mart and it was one of those trips that I relished being alone and went up and down every aisle. I was gone nearly 2 hours! I got home in time to see the final scores of the games and went to bed.

Well, once again we have had a perfectly normal day. We hope to see you all at the ballpark tomorrow at 2:00. Remember these games are at Bess. Academy!

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  1. Hey! I am dying here to see the school pic! Just wait till he’s older, then show it to him in front of his friends! Been busy around here since it’s summer….it should slow down some soon. I’m ready at this point…I am sick of cutting grass, but I like selling things! Glad to see things are normal with yall these days. My folks bought a condo at The Gables….is that anywhere near you? Better go, got a customer…love ya! Cathi

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