January 26, 2017 Day +5048 post transplant Day +4746 off therapy 

2017…..wow! We are nearly 15 years from diagnosis day. We are nearly 14 years from hearing NED. We are 13 years from getting back to “normal”. Those are all huge things, but 2017 brought another big number, 16!!!!! Taylor turned 16 on January 19th!!! God is so good! In 2002 we were not sure he would turn 2 and here we are at 16!!!! Thank you Jesus!!

As far as other news, it’s been more of the same. The boys hunted, logan got a deer! We went to Disney. Logan played a baseball youth tourney in FL. His team won 1st!!! We went back to Disney for Taylor’s bday. 

Baseball will be in full swing soon and that will keep us busy.