October 10, 2016 Day +4940 post transplant Day +4638 off therapy 

Today marks 14 years since Taylor was diagnosed. Doesn’t seem real! I still remember what I was wearing. I remember my socks were bothering me. I remember screaming into my moms red suit. I remember the rooms we sat in, calling my boss to say I wasn’t coming back to work….ever. I remember so many random thoughts like it was yesterday yet it wasn’t. It was 14 years ago. Our God is so good!!! He has blessed us with Taylor’s healing and continues good health. He is small and a little slower to grasp things, but he is thriving and succeeding! Praise God!!!!!

Since our last update……

We had homecoming for both boys. Lots of rolling and homecoming dress up. Logan got stitches when he and the golf cart fell off the retaining wall. Logan collided with a girl and hurt his knee. Taylor has remained safe during all Logans antics!!! Thank goodness!! 

Taylor’s bear that he killed last year finally arrived and we couldn’t have asked for a better day for it to come! 

We stay busy with school and sports. Not much changes with that!!!