August 21, 2016 Day +4890 post transplant Day +4588 days off therapy 

It hasn’t been long since the last post, but we’ve been busy as usual!

Logan won a trip to play ball in NYC. He met some Mets coaches/players, was on tv, went to several MLB games and got yelled at by tommy lasorta! lol!!

While they were off doing that, Taylor, Guh and I met up with other family members at the lake. We had some fun in the sun and fun on the boat.

We’ve started school! We are not ready, but have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to as the year goes, so that will make it go faster!! I hope!!! 

Taylor is in 10th grade!!! He is enjoying his classes so far and enjoying riding with a friend. He’s looking at joining the fishing team. It’s brand new to the school and we hope it makes. 

He will take drivers Ed 2nd semester and turn 16 in January. How crazy is that!!!! Bittersweet!!! God is good!!

Logan is in 7th grade. He too is enjoying his classes. He is running cross country and practicing a lot. His first meet is coming up this week. We shall see how this goes. Not sure it’s his thing???