April 19, 2016 Day +4766 post transplant Day + 4464 off treatment 

Where does the time go? It flies by when you are busy bees and that is what we are. 

January brought practice at school and travel ball. It brought driving for Taylor and he likes to keep the roads hot!! 

February brought games starting for school and travel. Logan is the manager for the school team and is required to help out at home games. He’s on a new baseball team and it’s less travel and hotel stays. We’ve enjoyed the less hectic schedule and being back with local people, but miss our elite family bunches! February also brought Logan’s first Sadies Hawkins dance! What fun! It even brought a few “dates” for Taylor. 

March brought more of the same. Spring break came and went with no excitement this year. 

April is more ball and more driving. It’s that time of year for us, we don’t have much more to talk about.