January 19, 2016 Day +4675 post transplant Day +4373 off treatment 

Happy 15th Birthday Taylor!!!!!

What a blessed day! What an exciting and scary day! I vividly remember sitting in the hospital with my tiny, 1 year old Taylor and fearing the furure. The future is here and Taylor is no longer a tiny 1 year old who is sick, he is now a happy, healthy 15 year old! Our God is so good!! Praise him!!!

We’ve been busy bees since my last post. We had a fabulous Christmas. The boys are getting big and that gets hard. Taylor got jeep stuff and Logan got hunting stuff. No toys here! That’s kinda sad!

We went to Gatlinburg for a few days. We didn’t find any cold weather there either. It was in the 70’s! We still had a great few days. On the way home we learned that all the torential rain we have had lately made our retaining wall fall. What a mess!!! We are well on our way to getting that cleaned up and redone. It’s a huge inconvenience, but we’ve been through much worse!!

We spent a few days at home. The boys hunted…..well, Logan did. Taylor went a few times, but he’s in full teenage mode and would rather sleep!!! Logan got a deer!!! He was very excited!

Me, Guh, nana and Mary too a girls trip to Nashville. We had a blast! We went to the opry at the Ryman and it was so fun. 

Once home, it was time to get back into routine. That wasn’t easy!!!! Taylor is on the block system which is less classes for longer times each semester and they change each semester. So, it was like the first day for him. He got a whole new schedule. He doesn’t like this one as much as last semester, but he likes it. He really enjoyed his art class, so he misses that. 

Logan did a baseball camp in auburn. He had a great time!!! Jim and I sat in the cold and watched. It was fun. The ride home was good until a huge dog ran out in front of me. Uuugh!!!!! Killed the dog and did some damage to the car. Nothing major!!! Again, headache, frustrating, but oh well. We were not hurt! 

Well, the main point of this post is to say Happy birthday Taylor!!!!!!!