January 19, 2015 Day + 4310 post transplant Day +4008 off therapy






14 years old!!! God is so good! I remember in 2003 when Taylor turned 2, we had to have a low key party due to counts and then later on we had a huge party. When he turned 3 we had a huge, huge party!! We had to go all out! It was his first real party and how many would he have? Then at 4 we went to pump it up with friends!! We had several there! We had baseball parties, rock climbing parties, go cart riding, spend the night, bowling…all kinds of fun!!! Praise God for all the birthdays!!!!!
This year there was no party, you know he’s too big for that stuff! We had our usual dinner at SAG which was fun as always. It was special to me as they always are!!! It was more special after fretting over those painful knees for several weeks.
We went to the ortho dr last week. He has petella femoral problems. In a nut shell, his hamstring is stronger than the inner muscle and it causes “J tracking” or the knee cap pulling to the right rather than straight up and down. Back to PT we go! I’ll take it any day over where I had allowed my heart to go. No, cancer isn’t on the brain all the time, but it never really goes away!
Praises once again!!! The good Lord has a plan for Taylor!
We will do PT for a while then he will continue at home. We are gearing up to start baseball. I have to fill out diploma and schedule stuff for next year…high school!!! Scary and exciting! It’s about to get crazy busy here!

Until next time….