October 5, 2014 Day +4204 post transplant Day +3902 off treatment

It’s been a while and we’ve been busy as usual!!

Let’s back up a few months….

July- Taylor had a fabulous week at teen camp. It was his usual fun plus new things only allowed at teen camp.

Logan went with a baseball team mate to Florida state University for a week long baseball camp. They had a great time being college boys for a week! Taylor rode down with paw paw the latter part of the week to watch and then bring the boys back home.

August- We headed to Disney for baseball. Our team tied for 13th. Not too bad. We had fun in our happy place with some of our favorite families!

We started school! Yuck!! Logan is in 5th grade, his last year at MES! Sad!! Taylor is in 8th grade, his last year at MMS! Happy! I hope mms is better for Logan because it’s been hell for Taylor. Just in the academic/IEP area. He likes school socially and stuff. The school doesn’t do well providing and following what’s written in the IEP.

We went to family camp at camp SAM. Fabulous as always!!!

September- football is in full swing. No undefeated team this year. They’ve lost 3 in a row. Oh well!

Logan hurt his foot and was on crutches a week. ER visit, but luckily not broken!

We did the camp SAM monkey C Monkey run 5k.

We’ve only played 3 fall tourneys. A 1st, 2nd, and a 6th place. I think we are done for now.

Taylor jammed his finger and wore a splint a few days. Then he had the same injury as last year. Bruised growth plate and a cast just to keep playing!

Logan pulled something and hurt his back. He played through it since there were only 9 players, but he was hurting!!

Logan had good poisoning or severe tummy bug. He missed 3 days of school. Taylor had a mild case and missed 2 days.

Just life with active boys!!!