Day +4114 post transplant day +3812 off therapy

Today Taylor left for his 11th year of camp at camp smile a mile. This is his first year of teen camp though! He’s growing up before my eyes! I’ve always said, I don’t want to rush his growing up, but I want to know he is ok and is grows up. It’s happening fast, but he’s doing it! Praia God!

It’s been busy since our last update even though it’s been only a month! Logan’s team won the 10u major state championship. We went to windcreek, tannehill, buck creek. We bought a new car. Taylor got his 12 days of workouts in for football. You know, the usual life with boys!

Sadly, only 3 weeks of summer left. Taylor is at camp now. Logan will go to Florida state for baseball camp next week and then Disney for baseball. Well, and some fun!!

Then it will be time to start school. Logan will be in 5th grade, his last year at MES. Taylor will be in 8th grade, his last year at MMS! There they go growing up again!!