March 2011

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March! The months are flying by. It is insane how fast the time goes by these days.

Baseball has started. We lost our first game on the 7th, 3-2. The boys did well, but we came up short. The ump didn’t help too much either, but thats ok! We won our second game 7-5.

The night of the 11th we left for Gatlinburg. We got there late, but the boys were so excited it took them a while to settle in to bed. We went to the pancake house the next morning then explored. We did the Ripley Believe it or not museum per Taylor’s request. He loved it. We rode the sky lift up the mountain. The kids loved it, but Gam maw not so much. I loved it b/c it made me think of them many trips there with my meme and pop. Good times!

We went back to the cabin and the kids swam and shot their new sling shots. We went to dinner and then back to the cabin. The next day we did the Wonder Works where the kids loved the space walk ropes course in the cieling. It was so fun for them. Jim had to head back home since he wasn’t off this week. We stayed one more night, but spent it in the cabin. Taylor was taking meds for a sinus infection. I started wheezing and coughing. UUGH!

We came home Monday afternoon and unpacked and planned to hang out at home the rest of the week. I felt terrible by Wednesday with what I thought was a sinus infection. I took meds around the clock and slept all day both Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I started to feel better. We went to the McWane Center with Amy and Blake. They had a good time, but Lolo did not feel well!

We went to An Auburn baseball game. Logan is crazy about baseball like Taylor is football. He was in heaven and never took his eyes off the field. They got to run bases after the game and get autographs. He had a ball he wanted number 20 to sign, he is number 20. He walked up to #20, but #14 took the ball. Lolo looked him in the eye and said, “not you, him” Ha!!!! I couldn’t help, but laugh and neither could the player!

We went back to school as much as we did not want to! We had a ballgame Monday night. We won 3-2. Logan coughed and coughed! By Wednesday Lolo had a fever. He had been coughing, but no other symptoms or mention of feeling bad. I took him to the Dr, but never expected what I got. He had the flu!!!! I felt so bad that I had sent him to school and ball with the flu, but I didn’t know. Thursday Taylor woke up feeling bad. We took him on in afraid he too would have the flu. He had strep, again! They both went back to school on Friday and hopefully, everyone will feel better!

Taylor is doing well with guitar. He is learning Amazing Grace and Old Suzanna. He loves it! I am amazed at how he picks it up, iver tried to practice with him and just cant do it!

Logan’s next few games have been good. We lost the 4th game 5-4. We won the next 11-2 and the next 8-0. They are doing well. It is a tad boring since it is kid pitch and the field gets so little action, but they are putting a lot more in play that when Taylor’s age group was doing it.

Nana, Mary, Guh and I took a weekend trip to Lexington, Ky. My cousin Justin moved there and it was his bday, so we took Nana to visit. It was fun, but too long of a drive for a weekend trip.

I came home from the trip to Taylor complaining of his arm hurting. UUGH!!! I sent him to school Monday, but got a call by 10 that he was not moving that arm. I talked to Meredith and she thinks things are fine, but recomended an xray and CBC. We went to Petelos and did just that. CBC was perfect and film showed nothing. We put him in a sling and assume he pulled something. He has got to stop doing that to me! By the end of the week it only barely hurt to move it backwards, so we feel sure he did indeed pull something and it on the mend. He will see Dr. Berkow on 4/22 for his yearly check up. I will be glad to see him and get my yearly dose of clinic, it always makes me feel better!

I am so going to try and keep things updated better! I guess it is good news that I don’t update, it means that Taylor is doing well and we are living life as we should be. We are burning up the roads going to guitar, ball practice, ball games, picking up spend the night company, dropping off kids etc. We love this life, we love the God that brought us here, the DR, nurses etc, that got us here and you all who prayed with us.

April looks to be much the same, busy! Logan has ball games weekly, Taylor has guitar weekly, we have a field trip coming up, we have Taylor’s yearly check up, a team trip to a Baron’s game, dentist appointments and that is just what I can remember off the top of my head. I will try very hard to update again and keep you posted. I will also try to get some pics on here! if you are a facebook user we keep those pics updated, friend us!

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  1. Congratulations to Taylor for learning to play the guitar; as a fellow guitar player, I’m proud of him!

    Glad the arm pain was nothing. “Nothing” is always a good thing. 🙂

    Bless you guys–just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today.


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