November 14, 2009 Day +2418 Day +2116 off therapy (Through 11/21)

Saturday at last! Today the boys spent the entire day outside. They raked leaves, cut grass, went to the dump, rode 4 wheelers, played fetch with Sam. Just good ole boy fun! Guh and I went shopping. We got the boys taken care of. We had Formosa for lunch. Yummy, it has been forever since I ate there.

When I got home the boys stayed outside. It was one of those nights that they played outside until it was dark and then played on the deck under the lights until I made them come in. It was the perfect little boy day!

November 15, 2009 Day +2419 Day +2117 off therapy

Today we went to church, Zaxby’s, Target and then home to play board games and more outside fun. We went to the skating rink for Landon and Blake’s birthday party. The boys have never been skating. I just knew that Logan would pick it up right away and that Taylor would not and that he would cry and pout, so we had a long talk about it being hard and you have to practice. Well, I was WRONG! Taylor is not a great skater, but he picked it up pretty good and loved it!!! Logan on the other hand just does not get it and could care less! After an hour of regular skates they traded them in for roller blades. It did not help Logan, but Taylor did better. He has revamped his Christmas list to include roller blades! He did not eat pizza, cake or watch them open gifts, he was not taking those skates off until time to go! I am glad he enjoyed it!

November 16, 2009 Day + 2420 Day +2118 off therapy

Happy Monday! Knowing that this was the last week before a full week out of school made getting up today much easier! I rode the bus today, so I was up early. The boys rode with Jim to school and they got there without any dram today! Ha! I got the boys from Paw Paw after school today. They were mad that it was not later than it was when I got there! Oh well! We headed for home where Taylor took advantage of me. He is limping and complaining with pain in his knee. He does not have a visible bruise, but I know it is from falling while skating last night. I know this, but yet I worry!!!! He knows how to play me and begged to go outside even though it was homework time and he won! He knew I would let him just to see if he would run and play on that leg and he did! Hmmmm!!!!!

November 17, 2009 Day +2421 Day +2119 off therapy

Another day much the same as yesterday. We had to rush home and get homework done and clean up and change for Taylor’s PTA program tonight. They did Are you Smarter Than a 3rd Grader? It was very cute! We got to see a lot of Taylor’s work hanging in the hall. He is thankful for his daddy who helps him with his homework? Huh? That is my job! We went to the book fair and they each got one book. They will buy again on Thursday when things are marked down!

November 18, 2009 Day +2422 Day +2120 off therapy

Hump day! The week is almost over and we will be on a week break!!!! I rode the bus again today. It was very cold outside, so Paw Paw took the boys to Burger King so they could play on that playground. They both did amazing things! They got girl toys, so Logan went to swap them in and got the last 2 boy toys. There was another boy in there and was crying b/c he had a girl toy. Taylor gave him his boy toy!!! Yes, my emotional wreck little Taylor gave away his toy to another child. Insert choir music here! Well, the little boys was not happy and cried and cried b/c he wanted the toy that Logan had. Well, I knew that was not going to happen. The kid was acting a fool. I tell ya, I would have popped him a good one, but that is beside the point. I guess Logan had had enough b/c he gave him the toy! OMG, both my boys did a good deed without me telling them to, without tears and drama. Wow!!!!! I was so proud!

November 19, 2009 Day +2423 Day + 2121 off therapy

Today was a busy day. I rode the bus this morning, went to work, left early to go to lunch with the boys and then checked them out, went back to work and then went home for a nap! Wow, that summed up the day!

I left work at 11:00 to eat with Logan, but it was nearer to 11:45 when we ate. I just got Taylor and let him eat with us. We had a blast sitting with ballpark friends. It was like high school again sitting there with friends eating bad food. No, really the food was not too bad. The dressing was pretty good, but the turkey was cold. Not bad though. After lunch we went to the book fair and got $1 posters and then I checked both boys out. I had an hour left of work, so we went back. The boys got to run and play for a while. I did not ride the bus this afternoon since I checked them out. We went home and they watched tv and played outside. I took a brief nap as long as I could keep them inside and then I got up and started cleaning and getting their stuff ready for one more day of school.

November 20, 2009 Day +2424 Day +2122 off therapy

Today was a tad different. I rode the bus and stayed in B’ham after out shuttle run. Jim picked me up at Children’s and we went to the Camp office and helped get the gifts ready for the party in a few weeks. We had lunch at Newk’s and then he left me at Children’s again. I walked down to where we pick up and met Martha for the afternoon route. It was so nice outside that it was a nice walk. Ok, so it was like 20 steps, but it was nice none the less.

After the route i met Amy for some shopping and then I went home to get the boys and we went to dinner with Guh and went to the grocery store for a snack run since they will eat us out of house and home being out all week.

We came home and messed with the tree. We put the tree up last night, but there are 3 branches that wont light. I have tried everything and can not get them to light up. I am thinking we will spin the tree around and pretend we don’t know! Good plan huh?

November 21, 2009 Day +2425 Day +2125 off therapy

Today we had to be up early,but it was worth it. We went to the Aubie Claus pancake breakfast at Sweet Bones. We had breakfast and then got to get our pic made with Aubie who was dressed like Santa. The boys had a blast and loved seeing Aubie. We had pancakes with link sausage and Taylor wanted to know why we had hot dogs with our breakfast. Ha!!!! You can tell he is not a sausage eater.

After breakfast we went home and put the ornaments on the tree and got the inside decorated. The boys played outside for a while then we had Milo’s for lunch and made a walmart run. When we got home the boys went outside and helped Jim burn leaves and rake and more boy stuff!!!! It started to rain, so we all snuggled and watched The Sandlot. We got a play by play throughout the movie by Logan. It was funny.

Well, that is it for us this week. It was a great week and we are super excited to be off all next week. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!