April 28, 2009 Day +2218 Day +1916 off therapy

Well, here we are on a another Tuesday as well as another day that I have no idea what happened. Oops!

We had a pretty normal day until after school. We had to rush home and get homework done and everything ready for the school day tomorrow. Taylor had to get ready for his game and Logan had to get ready for practice. I dropped Logan off at practice and I took Taylor to meet Guh and gam maw and Paw Paw at Pizza Hut for dinner.

After dinner we headed to the ballpark for Taylor game. They lost 11-4, but oh well. They did okay. They are having fun and that is what counts.

It was another late night. Once we got home they hopped in the shower that I am tired of scrubbing! I threw uniforms in the washer after scrubbing them down too. Whose bright idea was it to wear white pants?

It was after 10:00 before Taylor got in bed and tomorrow will be ugly!

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  1. We met you down in Florida at Give Kids The World. Just wanted to share some info with you all. Brian was on CBS News on Thursday concerning his clinical study that we tookm part in for his neuroblastoma. The study is now closed and it appears to be very promising. You can google brian mullin neuroblastoma and click on his video. I think it will be reassuring to other families that this cancer is cureable. Pass the info along if you wish. Take care and God Bless the children.

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