March 24, 2009 Day +2183 Day +1881 off therapy

I will get back to updating you all on the cruise soon, but today we need prayers. Taylor had to go to Children’s today due to fever and headache.

Let me go back a little. While in Miami Taylor got what we thought was indigestion and cried out in pain. After rubbing him and a little burp, he seemed fine. No mention of pain was ever made again and I never thought about it again. Sunday afternoon at Guh’ house he came in with blood running down his face. We got him cleaned up and it was a teeny little pin whole in his scalp. He does not remember hitting a tree limb while riding his bike or scraping something under the play house or deck, so we have no idea where it came from, but he seemed just fine.

Sunday night he complained a few times of it hurting, but I was doubtful seeing how small it was and kind of shrugged it off. When I picked him up from school Monday afternoon he said he had a headache at school. He came home and goofed off and did his homework and we rushed out to ball practice. He did fine and seemed to feel fine. We ate dinner and he ate fine, played fine etc. We went to Logan’s ball practice and he took the field with them and he started to cry that he felt bad and his head hurt. I brought him to the stands with me and he had a snack and played his DS and in the rocks and seemed ok. I kind of shrugged it off as he knows he has a boo boo that he can play me with. He was fine when I put him to bed.

When Taylor woke up this morning he was burning up. He had a 102.2 fever. He had a severe headache and was very dizzy. He was like a ping pong ball going down the hall. He was miserable. I called poor old Meredith in tears and she had us come on in. He was NPO just in case scans were needed. He did a urine sample and triage right off. He was 46 inches and 49 pounds. He still had a 101 temp, so we were placed in a room right away to keep him away from other patients. We were put in the family conference room where they give bad news or go over scans. Well, that immediately put me in a bad mood more so than I was. When poor Pat came in to leave the IV supplies I just cried and cried.

Taylor was miserable. The only good thing about that room was that it had a couch, so he put his head on my lap and slept. They wanted to give an IV so that he didn’t get 2 pokes if scans were needed. We waited over an hour for IV therapy and finally Kandi came in to try and start an IV. Well, that didn’t work out. She got it in, but the vein blew and blood was just dripping out, but not very fast. She got enough to do the CBC, but it clotted off before she had enough to do the chem panel. She sent it to lab and we waited to see if more had to be drawn. He had not had food and watched her do the IV and got upset and ended up throwing up. Poor guy. As soon as he was cleaned up he went back to sleep.

Dr. Berkow had come in long before the IV episode and checked him out. He looked him over from head to toe, checked reflexes, made him walk a line, touch his toes, touch his nose, stand on one foot etc. He did not see anything wrong, but also no reason to have fever. He did a strep test that was negative. He decided it was viral. This did not really sit well with me since that was the answer we got countless times before he was diagnosed. I do feel a little better though with it coming from his oncologist who knows him inside and out. His CBC was normal, so we did not draw the chem panel again. Dr. B was not worried, I guess I worried enough for the both of us!!!! I honestly felt like I kind of bugged him bu coming in, but I guess that just means it was something simple and an onc wasn’t needed and I will take that!!!

We left the clinic around 11:30. He wanted to go to Burger King with just me since Logan gets to do that when he is at school. He did eat 2 nuggets and he did play in the play equipment, so that was encouraging. We went to get Logan from school. Thank you to Pam M. for letting me throw Logan on her porch steps this morning and taking care of him today. Thank you to Joy for always understanding my craziness and letting me be off. Logan came running to me like it had been months since we saw each other. They said he had been mopey all day and we assumed it was due to the craziness of the morning and that he knew I was upset.

We headed home and got in our pj’s and cuddled up for cartoons. Logan rested quietly all afternoon and I thought he just realized that Taylor needed to rest and that I was still upset. He told me around 4:00 that he did not feel good and had a headache. I honestly thought that it was just an attention thing, so I cuddled him up and took his temp just to appease him really and I be danged if it wasn’t 100.2. What??? Could this really be viral? I guess it is. I am certainly not glad Logan is sick, but it does make me feel better for them both to be sick. Logan’s fever is not near as high and he is not near as mopey, but he is certainly not himself.

Please pray that both boys feel better soon. Pray that Taylor does not have to miss much more school. Pray that he never again has cancer in his sweet body. Pray that this really is viral and they both get over it quickly.

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