March 18, 2009 Day +2177 Day +1875 off therapy

Happy Birthday to me!

It was a wet day today. It rained all day long and it was so windy out that it was down right cold. We did not get off the boat on Coco Cay. I hate that we missed the fun that was there, but it didn’t seem like a very good idea to get off. So, we just hung out on the ship. We went to lunch at johnny Rockets on the ship. It is all you can eat, so we tasted lots of different burgers and ate lots of fries and onion rings. Yummy! The boys liked watching the staff dance to the songs that played. They had karaoke again today, so off we went. Taylor sang Sweet Home Alabama again as well as the Joker. Too cute!! Again, he got plenty of applause and loved it. Jim and I sang I got you Babe. I had a blast, but Jim not so much. We also played a humming game. You had to hum a song and whoever guessed it had to go hum. I guessed the girl who hummed Crazy and I had to go hum Twinkle Twinkle little Star. We watched Don’t forget the Lyrics and Movie title songs.

We went back to the room after all the singing fun and took a nap. The boys laid around and played DS. At dinner the staff sang happy birthday to me and gave me a special dessert. What made it so fun was I also got the cheesecake I ordered. Yummy!

We wen to the show tonight. A juggler was on the stage and the boys were glued to their seats. He was really good. Taylor liked when he juggled on a unicycle. I asked him if he thought he could ride one and he said, “No, I like my bikes to have 2 wheels!” Logan loved it when they turned off all the lights and juggled with lit pins and balls that changed colors and made designs as he threw them. It really was pretty cool.

The boys have wanted to sleep with Uncle Dugan all week, but they do not understand that he is out with folks his own age. Jim ended up going to sleep in his room with them, so they could sleep on his bunk beds. They loved it. That meant I got the room to myself. I got in bed and watched all reruns of Ozzie and Harriet. I am such a party animal!

2 thoughts on “March 18, 2009 Day +2177 Day +1875 off therapy”

  1. Sounds like ya’ll are having a blast…even with wet weather!! So happy for ya’ll! It sure beats being here…even in sunshine!! Have fun with your family!!


  2. hey! HAPPY BELATED B”DAY!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been on the computer since last week….I knew yall were gone and I knew there probably wouldn’t be an update, so I waited till today to look. Hope you had a great one on the ship. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Hopefully one day I will get to go on a cruise…..been wanting to for a while, but am afraid i will get sick. Wish i could have heard Taylor singing…what a hoot he is! Business is going good so far this year and we are fixing to expand…will probably move up the street in Oct. There will be 3X the room in there as we have here. Better run, I am doing my nails between customers, one at the time so it will be dry before the next person comes in! yall take care of each other and hope you have a good day….love, Cathi

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