March 4, 2009 Day +2163 Day +1861 off therapy

Well today did not go off as planned. Taylor wanted another day off and he got one only this one earned him a trip to the Dr. He did not want to get up, but I just figured it was due to try outs, late night of homework and it being after 10 when he went to bed. He finally got up and went to the breakfast table and when I came back to check on him IĀ found him sound asleep, sitting straight up. I woke him up and he started to cry. He ate and got dressed, but was so cold he got in a blanket and laid back down on the couch. I finally decided it was more than just being sleepy and took his temp and it was 101. UURGH. He is full of green goop that we are trying to clear up with OTC meds, but it is not working. I don’t want him to be sick on the cruise, so we went on in and got some good meds to clear him up.

He still had a 99.4 temp after Tylenol. He was just a pitiful mess in the Dr. He was all bundled up and still cold. Dr. P came in and checked him out. He said it was a thick mess in his nose and and throat. He put him on a 14 day round of Augmentin. Keep him in your prayers. This med never messes with his tummy and I am so afraid it will this time. I am so paranoid and I am well aware of it, so you can snicker now, but I don’t want him to have any troubles with his tummy on our vacation. He will have o take the meds on the cruise, but that should not be a big deal as long as his tummy tolerates it.

We came back home and he got on the couch. He did not sleep, but he rested and watched cartoons. He has picked up a new food. He is on a chicken sandwich kick. Hey, it is something new. I failed to mention one very important thing the other day. Taylor got a hair cut!!! He got it cut very short so that it would spike, but he is so self conscious that he will not wear it that way. I was not a fan of brushing his hair every morning, but I admit, I miss the long do. I think he does too. He says he is okay that it is cut, but he will not cut it again and it is going to grow back out. It is about the length that it was this time last year, so he will have another summer of crazy hair and we will have to head back to good ole Emily to fix him up. He looks very different, younger I think. You can really see his face, so I like that, but I do miss all that hair.

Well, I better head to bed. Taylor seems to feel better already. I am sure it helped just to get up and moving and he has 2 doses of meds in him so far, so we are on the path to wellness. Please pray that he tolerates the meds well and it does not hinder his spring break. Pray that he gets over this mess and that with the warm weather coming, he does not get it again. Pray for all of our friends who are battling illness and injury.

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  1. hey guys! So sorry to hear Taylor is sick….can he take Pepto or Kaopectate for his stomach just to coat it….so it won’t tear up due to the medicine? I think I would take some just in case. Yall are gonna have so much fun…while I’m down here working! We never really ever seem to be able to get away anywhere much. Every once in a while we will go to the beach, usually for our anniversary, and that’s the end of Sept! It’s always COLD. I forgot to tell you ( i think) about my Godmother (also a family friend of Tina’s)…was attacked by her daughters rottweiler the other week. She is in her 80’s, and has dementia. She had been placed in The Meadows to live, which is an assisted living facility in Atmore and was off at her daughters in town to visit. She got out of the car (after the daughter had told her to stay put) and the dog got her. Did a number on her head and face. They fixed up her arms and legs and finally stabalized her at our hospital, then lifeflighted her to Pensacola. She underwent surgery and was on a vent for several days. She is now in Birmingham awaiting skin grafts on her scalp. It was a very bad situation and she could have died from her injuries. They have had the dog put down, it was a terror for everyone in the neighborhood and had already gotten a hold of 2 other people. Keep she and her famiy in your prayers. The family is in Birmingham with her and are staying at my dad’s condo while she’s in the hospital. Hope yall have a great trip and I hope Taylor is all well before you leave. Love to everyone, Cathi

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