February 16, 2009 Day +2147 Day +1845 off therapy

Happy President’s Day! Happy day off! It was so nice not to have an alarm clock ringing in my ear this morning. We were all up by 8:30, but just knowing we didn’t have to get dressed or do anything was great. The boys played ds games while Jim and I lounged around and watched daytime TV. It was like being in college again. Well, except for the loud kids in the background.

We finally got up and aout around noon. We didn’t do much of anything, but window shop. We went to Wal mart and got pants and ribbon to make a fluffy tie for Taylor’s oral report on Friday. He and I went through the book and picked out the facts he wanted to use. We worked together to write it in a sentence and now he is rewriting it. This is the first homework of this sort that he has ever had. It is tough. He doesn’t know how to use notebook paper right and I had to stop him from writing all the way to the edge. He will write on 2 lines in a row, skip a row or two and then go 3 in a row and skip one and on and on. It is a mess! However, he is learning and that is what it is all about. He has about 5 sentences on the paper and it is almost the whole page! It is so cute! He is scared to death, but I think he will make it! Pray he does well and no tears!

Do you know what happened on February 16, 1992? That was 17 years ago. I was 13 and Jim was 14 and we officially started “going together”. Wow, that was a long time ago! However, I still remember it like yesterday. It was a Sunday. We rode bikes around the block. I got mad because he was being mean ( I guess I didn’t believe that when they “like” you they are mean. Gosh, boys are dumb!) and I thought he didn’t like me. He had given me 3 balloons and roses for Valentine’s day and I was so upset that I had taken it all to mean he liked me, but he didn’t. I was stomping, I mean, walking up the steps to go in the house when he called me back and asked me to “go with him”. Who coined that term? Kinda dumb! Anyway, with exception to a 6 month break up when I was in the 10th grade, we have been together every since. Happy Anniversary to us!

Please be in prayer for Taylor. I want him to be around to hear that sappy story years from now. Pray that cancer never again touches his body. Pray that his late effects continue to be minimal. Pray for all of our cancer friends!

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  1. Glad you had a restful President’s Day and that Taylor is unravelling the mysteries of notebook paper! 🙂 Good for him!


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