January 29, 2009 Day +2129 Day +1827 off therapy

I think Taylor is yanking my chain! I got a call from the healthy room at 10:30 this morning. He has no fever, but a heachache. I told him to tough it out until I get off at 1:00. I checked him out at 1:30. He looked pretty pitiful. He complained of a tummy ache, a headache and his chest hurting when he coughed. I assume he needs some extra breathing treatments. He is coughing a good bit and he said his nose was yucky, so I am guessing he has some sinus issues going on. I know that strep has hit the 2nd grade, so I hope that is not the issue. We are now home and he has taken some Tylenol and a breathing treatment and is playing fine. Hmmm…… I pray that he is just pulling my chain and he is fine.

The boys have been on a roll lately. Yesterday on the way home they were trying to get the 18 wheelers to honk their horns at them. Taylor got mad when we got off the interstate and their were no more trucks. I told him he would have plenty of chances when we drove to “Miami” in March. Logan then gets upset that it will take longer to get to Miami than to the beach, so I am talking to him and Taylor is asking a question at the same time and I was not really paying attention and so I didn’t get it at first. He was asking, “who is your amie?” I asked him what he talking about and he said, “you said when we drive to your amie.” I finally got it, he thought I was saying MYamie not Miami. Ha!

Today at school a man came through the kitchen. It was a church member that we see a lot and are friends with, so Logan talks to him a lot. One of the other kids asked if that was his daddy. Logan said, “No way, my daddy is bald headed!”

Later today I was talking to a parent with a sick child and telling her I was going to check Taylor out as soon as I got off. We both think the “sickness” is our kids asthma and we were talking about it and Logan said, “Taylor doesn’t have asthma, he brushes his teeth good.” Huh? He is so goofy.

Well, that does it for us. I am going to go check on the “sickly” and pray he is just fine. Please continue to keep Daryl, the boys, Mrs. Hobby and the entire family in prayer.

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  1. Hello all! Isn’t it nice to just be dealing with stuff that’s “going around” rather than cancer? I’ll take that any day!! 🙂

    Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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