I rode 10 miles this morning before 7am. I have to admit, it was nice that time of morning. I might have to try it more often. We went today to pick up Taylor. It was really good to see him. He had a blast at Camp Sam (http://www.campsam.org) this week! He has told us so many stories today about his week at camp. From swimming in the pool, to meeting Jackie Bushman from Buckmasters, to swimming in the pool, to paint ball shooting, to watching “Night at the Museum”, to swimming in the pool, to a talent contest, to making many new friends and meeting some old ones, to swimming in the pool, to playing on the playground, to a dance party and many many other things we should hear about soon from him! Notice the swimming in the pool part. As I understand it, he stayed in the pool!

Guess what we did after we picked him up from camp and went back home? You guessed it, more swimming! I’ll update more later, we are sitting in the driveway as he is playing more outside with his chalk on the sidewalk.

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