My knee held up for about 16 miles today, then started to give me some trouble. I guess I have strained something on the outside of my left knee. I guess I need to take it easy and not ride for a few more days while it heals. I rode today with a group that rides every Thursday from the Winn Dixie off Exit # 6 on I-459. I had passed them last week, so figured if I was going to ride about the same area, I might as well do it with other cyclists. I think we averaged somewhere around 17.5 miles/hour. We have to go pick up Taylor on Saturday so it will give me a few days off from the bike.

We haven’t heard from Taylor this week. I guess no news is good news. I know he is having a blast, but we are ready to get him back! 🙂 If anyone in the area rides motorcycles, there is a ride this weekend on Saturday where you can ride into Camp and visit all the children with cancer who have experienced camp this week, including Taylor. You can go to for more information, just click on events.

I’m out!

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