I have been so busy lately. I haven’t had time to even consider updating this site. Training for the ride has taken up some time. I have had to juggle training with Taylor and Logan’s baseball and my new responsibilities at work. I’m now managing a larger group of people. Going from a group of 6 to 18 is a large jump, so I have been really focused on work the last month. The training is going well, but I feel I’m not prepared to tackle the entire ride this year. I have it in my mind to ride 100 miles, riding the first 50 miles, then taking a break and tackling the last 50 miles for a total of 100. I figure it will give me a break during the hottest part of the day. I’m really trying to focus my training on endurance and tackling hills at a better pace. I rode 27 miles yesterday during the hottest part of the day and felt really good after the ride. Of course, I had to fit this in between Logan and Taylor’s ball games, but I did the ride in 1 hour 40 minutes. I’m also trying to build my average speed so that I can keep up with the group. A 15-16 mile per hour average is needed to keep pace and not slow the entire ride down. Luckily, my father has graciously volunteered his time to be my personal sag support in the event I cannot continue or I fall victim to injury. Thanks Dad! Who knows, I may start the ride off and do well and ride as far as I can that morning. We shall see. My fundraising efforts have been affected by my busy schedule, but at last count I’m close to 1200.00 dollars raised so far. I know its well below my goal of $5000.00 but I’m very proud to have raised as much as I have. I know in my heart this money will make some very deserving children happy this year and years to come! More next time, and I promise it will be sooner than later… 



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  1. Chris says:

    That sounds like a pretty good pace. Have you been able to get in any of the long rides? I’m sure riding for your son and all those other kids will give you a little extra boost during the actual ride.

  2. jimwatts says:

    The longest ride to date so far for me has been 67 miles. I’m planning to ride a long ride this weekend in preparation for the ride next week. Thanks for stopping by!


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