I’m starting to feel a little bit better each time I ride. If I can just get my butt into shape. Last night I only rode 12 minutes but I wasn’t feeling too good. Tonight after hitting the 30 minute mark, I felt like I could have rode another 30 minutes, but did not want to push myself to far to soon. I feel my leg strength increasing each time I ride, I just can’t wait for my butt strength to also increase. You would think they could devise a better seat that would be more user friendly! Taylor’s 6th birthday has come and past with much celebration. He is growing more and more each day, and each day he does, we are truly blessed. He got a new computer for his birthday and I tell you, he is going to be a computer wiz before it’s said and done. He can already navigate to his favorite web page, and now he has just learned how to open Microsoft Word, change the font size and type and then type his name and other words he copies from around the room. He has his cd player blasting Redneck Yacht Club while he is typing. More training, later on!

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