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I rode another 10 miles today, hoping my knee would not give me any problems. It didn’t but I don’t know if that is because I was wearing a knee brace or not. I thinking the way the new bike is set up may be causing my problems. I’m really not sure, so I’m going to take it back by the bike shop and have them double check. Also when I’m climbing hills and standing, it feels strange sometimes. Hard to explain, but something just isn’t right. My pedals feel more like they are on the tips of my feet instead of the ball of my foot. Maybe it just needs to be tweeked a bit. I hope.

Decided to change the theme on my blog a bit, but nothing major. Always good to change every once in a while!

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I rode 10 miles this morning before 7am. I have to admit, it was nice that time of morning. I might have to try it more often. We went today to pick up Taylor. It was really good to see him. He had a blast at Camp Sam ( this week! He has told us so many stories today about his week at camp. From swimming in the pool, to meeting Jackie Bushman from Buckmasters, to swimming in the pool, to paint ball shooting, to watching “Night at the Museum”, to swimming in the pool, to a talent contest, to making many new friends and meeting some old ones, to swimming in the pool, to playing on the playground, to a dance party and many many other things we should hear about soon from him! Notice the swimming in the pool part. As I understand it, he stayed in the pool!

Guess what we did after we picked him up from camp and went back home? You guessed it, more swimming! I’ll update more later, we are sitting in the driveway as he is playing more outside with his chalk on the sidewalk.

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My knee held up for about 16 miles today, then started to give me some trouble. I guess I have strained something on the outside of my left knee. I guess I need to take it easy and not ride for a few more days while it heals. I rode today with a group that rides every Thursday from the Winn Dixie off Exit # 6 on I-459. I had passed them last week, so figured if I was going to ride about the same area, I might as well do it with other cyclists. I think we averaged somewhere around 17.5 miles/hour. We have to go pick up Taylor on Saturday so it will give me a few days off from the bike.

We haven’t heard from Taylor this week. I guess no news is good news. I know he is having a blast, but we are ready to get him back! 🙂 If anyone in the area rides motorcycles, there is a ride this weekend on Saturday where you can ride into Camp and visit all the children with cancer who have experienced camp this week, including Taylor. You can go to for more information, just click on events.

I’m out!

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I don’t know what I did to my left knee last week but I can’t seem to get over it. I know I’m nearing 30 years old in a couple of months and really not looking forward to that, but it just seems like my body doesnt recover as well as it use to. I’m hoping to go riding tomorrow afternoon for about 20 plus miles if my leg will hold up!

That’s Life!

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(French for: danser – to dance) – riding out of the saddle, standing up, usually in a taller gear than normal, and rocking side to side for leverage. dancing on the pedals is related.

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Ten miles yesterday and ten more miles today. My goodness it was hot! The heat can sometimes be too much. I’m also having problems with my left knee. I’m not sure if I pulled something Thursday when I rode 30 miles or what, but it’s starting to act up everytime I ride a short distance. Hopefully it will go away! I’m really starting to pick up my riding in hopes of continuing my weight loss. I have lost 20 pounds since starting my riding in January. I would like to lose 20-30 more and get back down to the weight I was when I started college. We shall see! 🙂

More later!



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I had all intentions of getting up this morning at 6am to make it to a 7am 80 mile bike ride that is over on my side of town. I did wake up, but decided against it after sitting there for a few minutes trying to decide if I actually wanted to get out in that heat. Taylor has two more days before he head off to Camp Smile A Mile for a week, so I would rather spend my time with him rather than on my bike in 90 degree weather.

He has been looking forward to camp since going last year as a 5 year old. Yes thats right, my little son stayed a whole week at camp without calling us at the young age of 5. He has matured and grown up so much over the last year. Kingergarten has played a big role in that. He is so independent and loves to do stuff on his own.



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I think today is my best ride yet. I rode the 27.5 miles roughly in 1 hour 35 minutes. Thats about 17.5 miles per hour. Not too bad, and I didn’t stop at all. I did start to experience a little bit of cramping toward the end, but that’s my fault. I skipped lunch today and only had 1 pancake for breakfast. Probably not the smartest thing to do.

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Some theories…

Support motor vehicle following long races or recreational rides to pick up riders unable to complete the event.

In racing events, typically the main group of riders will ride as a peloton and can be served by one or more SAG wagons trailing behind. In large recreational rides, there may be thousands of riders spread over much of the course, so ride organizers may employ roving SAG wagons to locate and assist stranded riders.

“SAG” (most commonly written in all uppercase) may derive from a rider “sagging” off the back of the group, or it may be an acronym(or a backronym) for “Support And Gear” or “Support Aid Group.”

In bicycle racing, another term for SAG wagon is broom wagon.

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I rode 15 miles today, to get back into a normal biking routine. I met my father at the local grocery store and he rode 10 miles. He did really well. The last hill before we came back to the grocery store is a doozy, and I figured he would have to stop, but he made it all the way up without stopping. Pretty impressive for his first few weeks of riding. I think he is paying for it now though. More later on…

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