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I had two firsts yesterday. I rode my first Century ride and I also completed my first Ride of Love. The weather could not have been more perfect. Before the ride started, I had set a goal to ride the first 50 miles, and then ride the last 50 miles for a total 100 miles. Well, I far surpassed that. I was able to ride the first 100 miles, before cramping in my left calve. I had just tackled the hardest climb of the day and was feeling good. While going up a smaller hill, my left calve just gave out. I got off and the pain went away, so I got back on my bike to continue. As soon as I applied pressure, it cramped again. I was only 5 miles from the next rest stop, a stop that my father, mother and aunt were at waiting on me. I really wanted to make that ride in, but couldn’t make it due to the cramping. I think my fatal mistake was made at our 30 minute lunch break at mile 75. I only ate 3 inches of a 6 inch subway sandwhich. Lesson learned. I also learned another lesson, to put sun screen on your head! I now have an interesting sun burn design on the top of my forehead that looks just like the vents of my helmet. My total miles rode was right at 122 miles, which is 52 miles further than I have ever road on a bike. I want to thank all of the riders who supported me throughout the ride and Stephanie for putting this ride together for the children of camp. I also want to thank Mark and Gina S. Without them, this ride would have been very difficult for me. Thanks for the support and the shoes, they did make a difference! We had 73 cyclists and raised $112,000 plus for the children of Camp Smile A Mile!!! What a day. I can’t wait till next year when I put my 2nd Ride of Love down and complete the entire ride! I’ll post more about this ride when I have time reflect on what I have accomplished.

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