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Today was suppose to be a rest day, but since Taylor had ball practice yesterday and not today, I decided to make yesterday a rest day and ride again today. Another solid training ride, although dark came a little sooner then expected! I rode 20.21 miles today in just under 1 hour, 25 minutes. I would have rode further but I didn’t want to risk it in the low light conditions, so I had Kim and the boys come pick me up at Taylor’s “big” school. Details of today’s ride can be found by clicking here.

 More later!!!

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Well, today has finally come. Today starts official training for the ride of love. I don’t think I had a bad start today. I rode 21 miles today in just under 1 hour, 26 minutes. Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement. Details of the ride can be found here: CLICK HERE.

 More training updates later…

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