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I don’t know what I did to my left knee last week but I can’t seem to get over it. I know I’m nearing 30 years old in a couple of months and really not looking forward to that, but it just seems like my body doesnt recover as well as it use to. I’m hoping to go riding tomorrow afternoon for about 20 plus miles if my leg will hold up!

That’s Life!

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I had all intentions of getting up this morning at 6am to make it to a 7am 80 mile bike ride that is over on my side of town. I did wake up, but decided against it after sitting there for a few minutes trying to decide if I actually wanted to get out in that heat. Taylor has two more days before he head off to Camp Smile A Mile for a week, so I would rather spend my time with him rather than on my bike in 90 degree weather.

He has been looking forward to camp since going last year as a 5 year old. Yes thats right, my little son stayed a whole week at camp without calling us at the young age of 5. He has matured and grown up so much over the last year. Kingergarten has played a big role in that. He is so independent and loves to do stuff on his own.



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