Day +4362 post transplant Day +4060 off treatment

There is much of the same going on here. Taylor did 6 weeks of physical therapy on his knees, but was still in pain. Back to the dr we went. This time he got another exam and it was discovered that he walks on the insides of his feet and his knee cap can be pushed nearly to the side of his leg. Nothing gets my stomach, but that was really gross!!!! So, heel supports were put in shoes to straighten his legs up, new braces that are more supportive put on knees and more PT. If this doesn’t work then it’s surgery!!!! Please be in prayer that no surgery is needed!

He hasn’t complained like he was, so I don’t know if it’s working or he’s getting used to it. They did say a lot of it will be there until puberty ends regardless of surgery. Boo!!

We’ve had some interesting snowy/icey days lately. We’ve been delayed, dismissed early or out 2-3 times a week for several weeks. The kids didn’t mind! 

Taylor will soon go on a turkey hint with the specialty sports alliance. He is so excited! Baseball is here, so it’s about to get busy!! We’ve got new places on the schedule this year, so it should be fun. 

That’s about it for now…please pray for Taylor to remain cancer free. Pray for those in remission to stay that way. Pray? for those still in the battle.






January 19, 2015 Day + 4310 post transplant Day +4008 off therapy






14 years old!!! God is so good! I remember in 2003 when Taylor turned 2, we had to have a low key party due to counts and then later on we had a huge party. When he turned 3 we had a huge, huge party!! We had to go all out! It was his first real party and how many would he have? Then at 4 we went to pump it up with friends!! We had several there! We had baseball parties, rock climbing parties, go cart riding, spend the night, bowling…all kinds of fun!!! Praise God for all the birthdays!!!!!
This year there was no party, you know he’s too big for that stuff! We had our usual dinner at SAG which was fun as always. It was special to me as they always are!!! It was more special after fretting over those painful knees for several weeks.
We went to the ortho dr last week. He has petella femoral problems. In a nut shell, his hamstring is stronger than the inner muscle and it causes “J tracking” or the knee cap pulling to the right rather than straight up and down. Back to PT we go! I’ll take it any day over where I had allowed my heart to go. No, cancer isn’t on the brain all the time, but it never really goes away!
Praises once again!!! The good Lord has a plan for Taylor!
We will do PT for a while then he will continue at home. We are gearing up to start baseball. I have to fill out diploma and schedule stuff for next year…high school!!! Scary and exciting! It’s about to get crazy busy here!

Until next time….

January 3, 2015 Day +4294 post transplant Day +3992 off therapy

Happy New Year!!! 2015, that just seems so weird! I remember when we all though the world would end as we know it when 2000 hit! Here we are 15 years later!!

It’s only been 11 days since my last update, but we’ve been busy.

Christmas Eve we went to Guh’s where the boys got lots of nice things.



We went to Mary’s where we played bingo for prizes, decorated cookies and got more nice things.



Christmas Day we woke up early to see what Santa brought. He brought Daisy a huge bone! He was good the kiddos.





Later that day Gam maw and Paw paw and the family came over and we cooked breakfast and opened more good stuff.



The day after Christmas logan and paw paw went hunting. Taylor stayed home to play new video games. Teenagers! That evening we all left for, you guessed it, Disney! We rang in the new year with mickey and 100,000 others!! It was sooooo crowded!!! The crew headed to the outback bowl since we were already down that way.









Taylor has had some knee pain in both knees. The fact that it’s in both knees, same spot, makes me feel sure it is growing pains or fluid, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with! I hate it when he has any pains! Let’s all pray it’s nothing and stops soon!

Here’s to a fabulous year full of good health and happiness!!

December 23, 2014 Day +4283 post transplant Day +3981 off therapy

Not a lot to tell since October. We have kind of taken it easy this fall. It’s been nice! Having some free time, we finally redid the flooring in the bathroom. Still not in a place to do the gut job it needs, but this helped!

Taylor had a check up on his arm. Not the news we wanted!! He got 2 more weeks in the cast. After the two weeks the Dr. Still thought there was a possible hidden break and wanted an MRI. I just couldn’t get comfortable with this, so I called Meredith. She worked her magic and got us in with the dr he saw last year when he got hurt. He thought it was stuff from immobilization that it never needed!! So, we did a month of PT and he is good!! I love childrens!!!

This year marks 12 years since Taylor was diagnosed. My goodness, God is so good!!

We went to several parties, the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins and all the normal october fun!

Logan made the school Newcomb team and we traveled two different days to the tournaments. What a fun game!! They came in 3rd in the county.

Taylor was invited on a wish trip hunt. He got to experience this with his camp buddy, Calvin. He got a deer and had a fabulous weekend!

Jim and I took an adult only trip to Disney and a Disney cruise!! Fun fun!!

December is here and it has brought camp SAM party, school parties, Logan’s 11th bday, christmas and report cards. All A’s for Logan and A/B honor roll for Taylor!!

















Day +4071 post transplant Day +3769 off therapy

May 25, 2014

Once again, I’m way behind! We have been as busy as ever since March when I last updated.

The boys had a tournament in Florence. Taylor and I stayed home from that one. We did meet up with the crew for dinner that night.


The following week was full too. It was Taylor’s 11 year anniversary of his stem cell transplant!!! Unfortunately, we spent the day at the dr with a sick Taylor. He spent several days home sick that week. By Friday, he was feeling fine and we headed to the beach for some baseball. The boys played in the cold and rain, but pulled out a fabulous win for a Disney bid!!!!









That night it rained and rained and rained….lots of things around the state flooded including Taylor’s bedroom!


The next week was the start of a two week break from ball. These weeks were spent pulling up flooring, cleaning and laying new flooring in Taylor’s room. There was some mold, but with Taylor’s asthma and allergies, some mold is too much!

Easter was also during our break. Finally, it was beautiful on Easter and we had a good lunch at my moms and dinner at Jim’s moms.










Break over, time to head to Dothan for some ball. Again, elite came out in first place!





April 27th was the 3 year anniversary of the deadly tornados. Well, the 28th was no fun this year. No, it was nothing like 3 yrs ago, but when a tornado goes over your house and hits about 3 miles away, that’s too close!! Latest news