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December 26, 2012 Day +3556 post transplant Day +3254 off therapy

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! We certainly did. It was a little different this year in that we had to do some rearanging for out of towners and my Pop is in ICU, so he was not with us. However, we still had a great Christmas!!!

I guess I better back up and catch you up since the last post. I guess at this point I am really documenting for my self, but I always hope that if 1 NB family can find this site and see that we are 3,556 days out from transplant and doinf normal, everyday life activities, then I have done my job. I have somehow lost touch with this family, but I remember yeara ago reading a site about a NB survivor who was 1,000 plus days out and just being in aww of that.
Anyhoo……We finished out October with 3/weel therapy sessions with Logan. He went back to the Dr. in November and was released from therapy at the office, but will continue to do it at home to regain strangth. He had 100% motion back and about 90% strength back. His team lost 1 game in the last tourney they played. Ended the fall season with an 18-1-1 record, not bad! We are looking forward to things slowing down, but we all know we will miss it and look forward to the spring season.
Taylor’s football team lost the playoff game and was put out. I was sad that they lost, but glad too. Football was a hard one for me to watch:)
November rolled around and we had some down time. Very unusual for us. We had a few sit around and do nothing weekends and a few spent with friends.I had an awesome, home alone weekend while the boys and some friends went hunting. Taylor shot his first deer! He was so excited!!! Now we have dinner too! We went back to Disney during the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a blast! Logan manned up and rode a few more rides that he usually wont and loved them!! So, now that we are all 4 daredevils it was fun. No more waiting on someone to ride while you are with a kid who didn’t want to ride. When we rode the coaster so many times we were tired of it, we sent them in a lone. There are perks to them growing up.
Once we got back from Disney we hit the ground running and have just slowed down. We came home and immediately started many Christmas activites.
Taylor had 200 point science project due, he did great and got all 200 points. we are winding down the second 9 weeks and it looks as though he will have a/b’s again with a c in reading. That is the one area that cancer truly has made him struggle, but if that is our biggest issue, we will take it!!! He has a 75 in that class, so it isn’t so bad! In his defence they take like 3 tests and thats it, there is no extra work to help boost the grade, so I don’t fuss! Logan will have a/b honor roll again as well. I am so proud of my two smart boys!
We had our annual Camp SAM party. This yr a group of us a moms spoke to hopefully show the new families that we are like family, we are bonded, we understand each other and camp is a great place. We were a bunch of nervous nellies, but I think we did good.
We had several birthdays, christmas parties, sleep over events etc, to also keep us very busy.
Logan turned 9 on 12/16 and Taylor will be 12 in January. 12, can you believe that? I have been writing this journal for 10 yrs! I am so glad that now I am writing about the normal things that keep us busy!
I wont even say that I am going to get back here soon, we all know that I wont. Logan is playing basket ball and still having off season baseball practice, so we are still busy!
Happy New year to you all!!

October 23, 2012 Day +3492 post transplant Day + 3190 off therapy

This is my disclaimer:) I am on the ipad and typing isn’t easy, so ignore the craziness that is in this post! LOL!
I’m just getting further and further behind, but such is the life of busy, happy, healthy boys!
since my last post we have been super busy with school and sports.

Ill start with Taylor. His team wrapped up their regualr season last night. They finished with a 4-3 record and made it into the playoffs that will start this weekend. He has grown as a player so much over the last 8 weeks. He is not the smallest, but is still out sized by far. He is timid and probably a bit afraid though he will not admit it, but he tries and improves with each game. He does not get a lot of playing time, no offensive time, but seeing as it scares the bejeebies out of me for him to be out there, i don;t complain about how much he plays. He gets frustrated and I hate to see that, but I am looking through mommy eyes.
Taylor has adjsted well into middle school. He will get his report card this week and by looking at what grades we can see, we are assuming he will have a/b grades. His reading grade is iffy, it could end up being a c, but that is ok. he has done great!
He has had some craziness too. He had an ingrown toe nail that had to be cut out. I am telling ya’ll after all he has been through, that was by far the worst. Gosh, it was awful. They put 3 shots into his big tow, on top. OUCH!!! He about came unglued. He did ok, but he didn’t like the pressure sensation he could feel. He was getting more and more ancious and we could tell. He made the mistake of looking at it and we ended up having to lay his chair back to keep him from passing out! Ive never seen him that way, but as soon as he was done, he was fine. we even went to the ballpark and watched the girls play ball then out to eat, so he was fine. He went to school the next day and even wore his shoes. Trooper! He had a follow up appointment the next week and he was healing too fast:) How about that, the immuno supressed kid heals too fast. He was ablt to stop soaking it and puting meds on it. We then went to his firt middle school homecoming game. He did the spirit walk with is class mates and played football behind the bleachers with his buds. All the things he should be doing.
The he had his first boy girl party. Well, their were boys and girls there, but on opposite sides of the yard:) Taylor had a little accident while playing flashlight tag. He fell and a stick jabbed into his hand and sprained his wrist. He ended up in a brace and sling and on 2 antibiotics as the hile was a pretty big one and was infected. Again, he heals quick and a week later the wrist is fine and the hole is looking like a small cut. God is soooo good! He missed playing in one game, but he was dressed out and there and supporting his team. He was practcing again after 5 days an played the next game. The last game was awesome! Within 18 seconds we had scored. Within 30 seconds they had too. We started the 4th quarter 6-24 and ended up winning 26-24! Way to go Chargers.
Taylor will start his playoff games Sunday. If they win then they continue on, but if they lose it is over. It has been fun. I want them to go on for them, but I am ready for it to be over. It really stresses me out to see him out there not to mention 3 trips to Hoover a week.

Logan has also been busy with school and should have honor roll too. He has b’s for the first time, but they added science and social studies as a grade and it wasn’t before. He is doing well in it, but not loving it:) He gets that from me!
Baseball has been awesome. They have a 16-0-1 record only tieing one pool play game and winning every tourney they played. This weekend they are off to Dothan for a huge 14 team tourney which should be interesting. I hate to miss it, but Taylor and I will be here for football.
Logan has had some shoulder issues. He started having pain when throwing and we saw a sports medicine Dr and was diagnosed with a growth plate seperation. He has started thereapy 3 times a week and will go back to be revaluated in November.
He also had strep last week and was so sick that he asked to leave his ball game. We didn’t know he was sick, he had been fine and as the day wore on he got worse and starting asking to go home. When Logan Riley Watts asks to leave his ballgame then you better believe he is sick!!!
I guess that about does it. we do not do much other than sports and I just signed them up for basketball:)
We are headed back to Disney in November. Crazy I know, but we love it!!! We are all just as excited as if it were the first time. Our parents are going and my mom has never been, so that will be fun.
I will update again when we have news. I am so glad and blessed to write these updates of everyday life. Please be in prayer for our cancer friends as they do not all have things going their way right now.

August 31, 2012 Day +3439 post transplant Day +3137 off treatment

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Since my last post in May things have been busy and show no signs of slowing down. When I look at it from the perspective of a cancer mom, It thrills me to be so busy with normal activities. However, when I look at it a tired momma, I need a break!

June brought state tourney in Cullman. Logan took a very hard hit to the shoulder blade when he was running from 2nd to 3rd and the 2nd basemane tried to throw him out. He was safe only because the forse of the hit threw him onto 3rd base. He was checked out and was fine. He kept it iced and never even bruised, but was sore. We then headed to Gulf Shores for the 8u World Series. It was a very fun experience with pin trading and playing teams from all over. We did not do very well, but it was still pretty cool. Tropical storm Debby was in town too and we watched some interesting things from our balcony. They had to remove all the chairs and umbrellas and trees washed ashore. It wsa very windy and the waves were crazy huge. The sea shells were amazing. The kids found stuff that you would buy at the souvenier shops.
July didn’t really slow down just because ball was over. Nope, we had cook outs, swim parties, ball try outs for the new team, spend the night company and work.
Ball wasn’t completely over. Logan made the Alabama All state team and we traveled to Mississippi to play other states from our region. The Alabama boys brought home the 8u title. Way to go boys!
August brought football practice. Three nights in a row, 2 1/2 hours. Taylor is loving it. He is timid and a little fearful, but enjoys it. Mom, not so much. Never been a football fan. I don’t like nor understand the game and I certainly don’t like my 80 pound son getting tackled by 180 pound boys. He took a pretty hard hit and had a headache for everal days. We are unsure if it was a conusion or not. We did not go to the hospital because he can not have scans unless it is a dire emergency due to the amounts of radiation he has had. I did call nurse Rhonda and talk it over with her and we held him out of practice and we have a week off, so hopfully, if it was anything, it is better by then. He will have his first game after labor day. He is pumped!
Logan is on a new baseball team coached by Jim. They played their first tourney in Auburn last weekend. They were 3-0 and took the Auburn August Eliminator title home. Not bad for their first tourney together and their first kid pitch tourney. Looking forward to a great season with some great kids and parents.
School started back in August too. It was been a rough start with Sunday -Wednesday being some sort of practice and we haven’t even had homework yet. Yikes! Logan is in 3rd grade with a new teacher to our school. She played college sports and loves sports, so he is set! He lovess her already.
Taylor is in middle school. He seems to like it so far. They don’t do a lot of homeworl which is good on us time wise, but makes me nervous as far as how he will do. His ex ed recourse teacher is great, so I think we will get through whatever comes. He had a case of the nerves over lockers and changing classes, but already has it all down pat. He missed the bus home the first day, but it was just a misunderstanding. A teacher told him it was a double run and his bus would come back to get our neighborhood kids and to wait in the lunch room. Well, it isn’t a double run and I got a call at 4 to come get him. We went to the office and got it straight and made sure he knew where to go and when the next day and he has been fine. I just knew he would be so upset and never want to go back, but he was laughing about it. He has really come so far. The middle school is a big adjustment and combines kids from 3 elementarty schools, so it all new people and a lot of his friends are AP sturdents and he doesn’t see them. Again, he has rolled right a long, made new firends or hooked up with aquaintences from MES and been fine. Lets just hope our grades roll right a long too. Pray for us both with this creative writing class! The one elective he feared all summer, he gets. Plus they wont swap electives this year, he is stuck with it all year. We will make it, but it will not be fun.
I guess that catches us all up. Things show no signs of slowping down, so who knows when I will be back, but i’ll have plenty of knews when I am back.

May 30, 2012 Day +3346 off transplant Day +3044 off treatment

Well, the business hasn’t stopped. The only reason I have a free minute now is that we are on summer break and the kids have company over and I am taking a break from cleaning and posting lots of baseball pics.

Where did we leave off…. I guess I ll start with what we do most. We play ball. Taylor is the DJ for the team, well, when he isn’t tossing a football with someone. Mister, I can’t talk to a stranger will talk to anyone who may throw a football for a while. One game he had a ump throwing between games. We played a tournamnet in Montgoery and got put out in bracket play. We went to Gadsden and took 1st place. We went to Fultondale, Auburn and Montevallo. They toolk home 1st again in Montevallo. WE have 2 more tournaments then the world sereis at the beach. We are excited about that. boy will it be hot.
As for other basbeall news, there is plenty. Taylor had his yearly check up with Dr. Berkow. Everything looked great! He had grown a little bit. He even handled it all on his own. When they called him back for triage he went back on his own and did all he had to do even giving the urine specimen. That makes me happy and sad. Happy that he has come so far both in his health and his shyness. It makes me sad that he is growing up so fast! He did make me laugh though when he came out and said that he only weighed 33 pounds and had a very bewildered look on his face. He didn’t know that they measure in KG rather than pounds. He weighs 72:) He had labs, urine, an echo, a dexascan and a check up. His urine leves are all in the normal range. His labs were all perfect. His echo was fine. Dexascan shows that the bones are all healthy and the right density. The check up was great and Dr. B said he looked great. We were given the all clear to play football. Excitment was an undersatement! Dr. B said that he was ok to play at this level, but he didn’t forsee a scholarship or anything for later. Taylor was appawled by that comment and assured Dr. B that when he got a scholarship he was coming to tell him about it! Dr. B said he couldn’t wait to hear about it! LOL!!! So, with Dr. B’s approval, we are all signed up for the Hoover Rec football league. He is beyond excited and I must admit, I am too. After basketball turning out to be so much fun, I am eager to see what this new adventure will hold.
Taylor graduated from the 5th grade! Wow!! It seems like only yesterday we were dealing with cancer and unsure of the future, then we went to preschool and kindergarten and look at us now! He finished school with A/B honor roll for the yr. He had honor roll every semester of every year throughout elementary school. He won the high achiever award in social studies for his class. So very proud!!! He works very hard and he does have a few special accomodations like leaving the rrom for a test to read it aloud. He doesn’t comprehend well, so he just needs to say it out loud. That is it. He does all on grade level work, the same stuff the rest of the kids are doing. He works his butt off and it payed off. Take that Neuroblastoma!!!!!
We have visited the middle school and will go register next week. He is nervous and excited. I could vomit:)
Logan also finished school with A honor roll. He too had all A’s all year both 1st and 2nd grade. Keep it up! He will go into the 3rd grade in the fall. We were kinda sad to discove that they will not ever go to school together again until 9th and 12th grades. Wow!
The end of the year brought some fun and tears. Tears for how far he has come. Tears for our sweet Evan who wasn’t with us for that special day. We miss him very much.
Summer is here. We have officially been out a week. We have already had a tourney, two swim parties, a slip n slide party, 2 cook outs and spend the night events both here and away. If we keep up this pace we will need a vacavtion from summer vacation!
I will be back, hopefully not to long from now. Enjoy your summer!! I am going to check on the 3 ring circus, I mean 3 little boys playing downstiars! Love it!!!

April 12, 2011 Day +3298 from transplant Day +2996 off therapy

We have been super busy! That is a very good thing, but it leaves little to no time for updating.
I last updated in February. I don’t even know if I can remember that far back…..Let me try to squeeze out a memory. In February Taylor and Matthew, his best bud, had a birthday party for Michaeil Jordan. Yep, thats what I said, cake, pizza, sleepover, the whole 9 yards! The kid loves some basketball right now. Speaking of bball, he played upwards and loved it! He came so far from try outs to the last game. Sad that we found this league so late and he only has one more year to play it.
We went to the Heart to Hart gala for aTeam. You may remeber that Taylor was an artist last yr in this event and painted a pic with Amy Pleasant a local artist. The pieces were then auctioned off. This yr he was invited back as a special guest. It was a great event as all ateam events are. We met Coach Chizik again and his wife, Jonna. They are so down to earth and sweet. They make you feel like you are life long friends. Thanks to the Chiziks, the Throwers and ateam for all you do!!!
Taylor had his 11 year old check up and got his next round of shots for middle school. wow, those words are odd…..middle school……
Logan joined the Bases Loaded Bandits baseball team. That is enoug to keep us very busy, but we are all loving it. Great group of boys and familys. Good times! Practice is about 45 monutes away, so we stay on the road, but its fun. We started our season in Alabaster, a local tourney. The boys came in 2nd place. I thought that was pretty darn good for a group that hasn’t been together that long. Our second tourney was also in Alabaster and again the boys came in 2nd. We had forst in the bag and kind of fell apart, but its all a learning exprience! They held their heads high, but came off that field mad and wanting 1st, so they know what they are working for! The next week was a one day tournament in PellCity, Al. It was a long day! The boys started out rough, losing the first two pool play games. The third one they pirked up and won. Logan is very competitive and he was crying when his team mates were running and not resting between games. I just laugh at him! We got into our bracket play and it was a new group it looked like. We kicked butt and took names and left there with the 1st place trophy! It was tied for a while and Logan’s RBI was the winning run! Go Lo Lo! He is really doing well!
We left Pell CIty very late that Saturday night and got very little sleep before leaving Sunday for Disney World!
We had a great time. We walked so very much and were so very tired, but it was fun. We did a lot of stuff we had never done or hadn’t done in a while. The kids are at a good age where the magic of Disney is still there, but they are big enough to do stuff too.
We came on Saturday and stopped in Auburn to watch the LSU/AU game. Great game!!! Then we had dinner with some friends. A great end to our spring break.
BAck to school….9 more weeks, we can do it! NO homework for Taylor due to ARMT state testing, so that makes it much easier. Logan has HW, but its easy and short.
The following weekend found us in Florence, AL. for the southeastern elite tournament. We played well, but it was a huge tournament and we got put out early in bracket play. It was a dissapointment, but they must strive to do better. Taylor loved this weekend because our best friends kids were playing there too, so he had buds around.
April 2 was Taylor’s sterm cell transplant anniversary. 9 years!!! I am so blessed to so those words! I remember thinking the 100 days of lock down would never end and here we are 9 years out. Our God is so good!
I had Taylor’s last elementary IEP. It went very well. I was hoping to meet with a middle school rep, but she didn’t make it. However, I am very pleaseed with IEP and the accomidations that are in place for him. It will be a huge transition, but he will make it. I remember being so sure he could not make it through K5 and he did. He not only got through it, but he is 1 semester away form having honor roll his entire elementary career. Take that cancer!!!!
Easter was beautiful, the weather was perfect. The kids had a great day and we all enjoyed our family time. Easter Sunday was the day we found out for sure 9 years ago that Taylor was going home from stem cell and that I was pregnant with Logan:)
We also went Zip lining with camp SAM. It is right here in our back yard, Red mtn trails (off lakeshore for you locals) it was fabulous! Taylor had a blast as did all the families. It is certaily a place we will go back to. Thanks to Camp for a great day!
Logan and Taylor both ended up with the crud after Easter. Neither tested positive for anything, so it was just viral crud. They missed a day of school, but got over it pretty quick.
That about catches you all back up. Really all we do is baseball:) This weekend we will be in Montgomery. We have at least 3 more tourneys and the world series and that just what I know off the top of my head, I am sure there are more. We got the notice tosign up for football today. Taylor did flag last year, but it destermied to do thereal deal this year. I have put him off for year. We go in 2 weeks for his yrly ONC visit and if Dr. Berkow says it is ok then I guess we will do it. I will be a nervous wreck!!!!! That will be the longest 10 weeks of my life!
I guess that about wraps it up. Hopefully, I will update soon. I am sure you can pretty much figure out our days from here through summer……umtil then……..