January 2, 2007 Day +1371 Day 1069 off therapy

Oh happy day! I will tell you from the get go that all of Taylor’s pemanent teeth are there and healthy!!! Praise God!

Now for the rest of the day. Of course, since it was a day we had to get up and get out of the house I had to wake up both boys. Turds! Last night Logan was playing with a little beeper from the Dr. kit he got for Christmas. He was putting it in his pocket until I put his pajamas on and he no longer had a pocket. He put it between his pants and his belly. Later on it was gone so I assumed he had thrown it down. I tucked him in and went on about my business. Well, this morning when I took his pajama pants off he looked to be soaked he pull up was so puffy. That would be due to the beeper that was in there!! Yes, he had wet and he seldome does, but since there was a toy in there he did:) I tried to just toss it, but oh no, that was not going to happen. I had to go wash the thing and lucky for me, it still makes that pesky ringing noise! It was so not funny as I tried to hurry and get all three of us ready, but soon I was laughing hysterically at the situation. Here it is 8:45 and we need to leave by 9:30 and I have to finish dressing myslef and Logan as well as wake grumpy up and dress him, feed them, brush teeth and throw in a breathing treatment and I am washing a toy beper that has been peed on. What a morning!

We were actually early believe it or not. It started out great. Patsy came out and talked to Logan and then slowly walked him into the exam room. He hopped up into the chair and was doing great until she put the polisher in his mouth. She called me in and I held his hands while she cleaned about 4 teeth. He then decided that was it and he clamped that mouth shut and that was all she wrote. No tears, no screaming, just a clamped mouth and a very determined look in his eyes. She did not want to force him, so we just let him up. He did not get to pick a toy from the treasuer chest. Of course, we all know that he could have cared less! She did get to look into his mouth. He has a cross bite where his left side the front teeth going front of his top teeth and on the left side they go behind the top teeth. It will be watched, but not addressed until permanent teeth come in, it will probably correct itself with age.

After Logan’s turn in the chair we left for a while. We went to the bank and to eat. We also ran to the Camp SAM office and gave the ladies there a belated Christmas gift. We still had about 2 hours to kill before we had to be back at the dentist, so we did some shopping. We got a baby shower gift bought and then we went to the book store where we bought a chapter book. Mrs. Thornton has been reading them to the class and Taylor wanted to get one to read at bed time. He picked from the clearance rack and got The best Christmas Pageant Ever. He didn’t seem to into it as we read the first chapter, but he will get into it, it is a cute story.

Soon it was time for Taylor’s appointment. He went right on back with no troubles. He was a little scared about how the panorex would work, but we had talked about it and he seemed okay. I knew she would call me if he was scared, so I didn’t worry. She called me again in about 10 minutes and I thought it was to help keep him still or something. Nope, she was done and ready to go over her findings of the x-ray and the cleaning. Wow! His X-ray was great. All the teeth are there, but they are not ready to come in. He has 2 loose teeth on the bottom that will be out within the week she predicts. He has ceased all wiggling after hearing that! Those permanent teeth are right there at the gum line and are ready to come in. However, that is it. It may still be another 2 years before the front two come in and maybe 5 before the back molars (6 year molars) come in. He only has 2 teeth that are not capped and they are molars that have both been filled in the past. One of them needs to be filled again due to normal wear and tear of the teeth. He will not be getting new ones anytime soon, so we need to take care of that sooner than later. We will go back on Thursday to have that filling. I hated to go back so soon, but I wanted to do it while he was still out of school. They say he brushes well and all looked good! I am so relieved to know that his teeth are okay. It may take a few more years, but he will soon have no signs of cancer left. Well, that can be seen just by looking at him. His two scars are under his shirt, so that wont be a problem at school. They get lighter and lighter all the time, so I think that by the time he is old enough to worry about scars ( I guess boys don’t worry about them like girls) they will have faded and shrunk a good bit.

Well, that is it for our fun for the day. Tomorrow is a stay home all day and do nothing day. We all know I wont need to wake the boys up at 8:45 tomorrow, the will be up at 7:00. (insert sarcasm here) Please pray for Evan who went back to Memphis and started chemo today. www.caringbridge.org/visit/evanthomason

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