December 31, 2006 Day +1369 Day 1067 off therapy

Can you believe it is the end of another year? Where does the time go? It was over 4 years ago that we were given Taylor’s diagnosis and started this web page. I am sure many think we should let it go, but I can’t. It is therapy to me to write my feelings here and I would like to think that it is bringing hope, wisdom and courage to others going through this journey.

Today I woke up early, darn it, I just can’t sleep late anymore. I got up and kicked my butt in gear. I got the house cleaned up and laundry put away. The boys came home around 1:00 or so. They were so happy even though it was pouring rain, they had a blast on their little trip. Jim pulled all the boxes out of the attick and we took down the tree and all the Christmas stuff. He will have to get to the outside when the rain stops. My living room feels so naked now. I love Christmas and all the fun, but I am so glad all that stuff is put away.

Gam maw and I went to good ole Wal mart for chil fixins and the crew came over tonight for dinner and Balderdash. If you have never played that game, you need to. The boys played cars all night long just as they always do. We went outside to shoot a few fireworks too. Logan is still afraid and jumped in someones arms anytime a noisey one was shot. We only had a few big ones. They did about 6 boxes of sparklers and enjoyed it very much. They were a little sad that they were gone, but we found 3 on the ground, so a little more fun was had.

I put the boys to bed at 10:30. I guess I should have let them stay up at that poit, but Logan did not nap today and we have plans tomorrow too and I don’t want them to be grumpy all day. Taylor is still awake in his bed playing with his PSP. If he is awake at midnight I will let him get up and watch the ball drop. He still recognizes Times Square when he sees it. That kid is like nothing I have ever seen, he forgets nothing! They have already had quite a display. We have an all glass door in the dining room and they sat there and watched the ones that were shot on the street behind us. The sat on the front porch and watched for a while too. They had actually gone to look at stars, but didn’t see any.

It was yet another perfectly ordinary day. I think all in all 2006 was a fantastic year for us. We had a little scare here at the end, but we came through it fine with your Prayers and God’s blessings. May 2007 bring us ALL God’s blessings and a cure!!! Happy New Year!!!

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