December 30, 2006 Day +1368 Day 1066 off therapy

Today the boys went to the hunting club with the 4 wheeler, gator and tractor all in tow. Logan about worried himself and the others to death about rather or not the batteries were in the back. Jim had to go pick up Paw paw and help get the trailer all hooked up and it took longer than the boys thought neccesary and they were getting a little upset. Taylor had pulled up a chair to the window and was watching for them.

I had big plans for cleaning the house and taking down the Christmas stuff while they were away, but I quickly talked myself out of that. I went shopping with Guh and then just hung out at her house and watched the Game show network. I am such a geek! I met up with Gam maw later on in the day and we drove to meet the guys at Buck’s, a hole in the wall steak house that is delicious! While we ate we heard all about the days adventures. Taylor drove his 4 wheeler straight through a mud puddle and stalled it out and got stuck. He was scared! Right now he prefers to ride around the camp area rather than down trails and in the woods. I think I am okay with that! He had a blast though and so did Logan. Logan has been to the hunting club once and it was only to pick something up, they didn’t stay long. This was so exciting for him, he absolutely loved it. I have been waiting so long for them both to be able to go!!! I was worried about Logan thinking he was just too little to go, but he is the same age as Taylor. We have some of the sweetest pictures of Taylor curled up in a shooting house asleep or sittlng in the woods on a log all decked out in camo. Logan is not like Taylor, I don’t think he will ever sleep in a shooting house, but rather yell and kill the hunting for everyone. Paw Paw had both boys with him and they got to fighting, so he gave up hunting and went to let them ride. Logan is like his mama and will not use the bathroom in public places nor bushes, so he “froze up” a few times. He did not have any accidents though, so that is good.

After our yummy dinner Gam maw and I headed for home and the boys headed back to camp to sleep. Logan was thrilled to be “camping”. He never stayed at the “HC” before, but Taylor showed him the ropes. They were so cute leaving home in all camo and sleeping bags in tow. Once I got home I looked at the mess and all the hopes I had for the day and then walked on by. I climbed in my bed and watched TV and read my book until I fell asleep slap in the middle of the bed.

I had a perfectly lovely day and I know my boys had a fabulous day. I am so thankful and blessed! Please pray that Taylor has nothing but fabulous days from now on. Pray for Evan who is still limping. He will head back to Memphis on Monday and hopefully get some asnwers about why he is limping. Pray for our new friend Jacob who has low counts and that could possibly mean relapse. Pray for all of our friends who are battling this beat called cancer. Pray for those who were missing a loved one this holiday season.

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