December 29,2006 Day +1367 Day 1065 off therapy

1I see this is update number 2. It has been a crazy day. Logan woke up with a tummy ache and has had the “poo poo water” as Taylor calls it, all day long. I left a pull up on him for most of the day and it is a good thing. He was trying his best to get to the potty, but didin’t make it. That is the only accident he has had other than his little fit of deffiance last week. He has gone several times today just like Taylor, it is rather sporadic. Taylor has a runny nose and the ever present cough, but other than that he is great. Last night I kept dreaming abiut skidding off the road and then realizing that we were okay. Today Taylor wanted Burger King and then it hit me. One year ago today was our little accident on the interstate. Luckliy for us today went much better. They did give me a hard time though and that caused them to lose their outside time. I went to get a hair cut and they did dine until I got in the chair. Logan was pushing a chair around and around until he got drunk and slammed into the wall. Taylor was jumping up and down on the handle to make it go up and down. I was so mad, but what could I do? They were furious when we got home and they didn’t get to go outside, but oh well. We did watch The Shaggy Dog two times. Taylor loves it!

Tomorrow the boys are heading to the hunting club. I am not sure that there will be much hunting goiing on, but the kids ae thrilled to be taking thier riding toys with them. Hopefullly the rain will hold off and let them have some fun. I will update again as soon as they get back full of stories. Please check in on out friend Evan. He is having some limping issues. Lets all pray that it is from high counts and nothing more.

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