January 31, 2013 Day + 3957 post transplant Day + 3655 off therapy

What a week we have had!!! Monday we went to school like usual. We came home and did homework like usual. The only thing going on was the talk of snow….snow for south Alabama, not us.
Tuesday we got up as usual. Kids were grumpy that the beach would get snow and not us. They did a snow dance ???? and we went to school. I told Logan I doubt it will do anything, but maybe we can get out early.
9:45am….school calls, we are getting out at 10:30. In head to meet the bus. It’s snowing hard. It’s just white dust flying off the road. It was so dry, it looked like sand.
10:00…arrived at school and started getting kids on bus. They were so excited!
10:20…loaded and leaving. Ground is now solid white, but it’s not bad. We take it and easy.
11:30…only one more child to drop off. We have maybe 2 miles, if that, to the house. But…..the road is now a solid sheet if Ice with 15 or so cars in the ditch, pulled over or just sitting in the rd. We had to call the parent. It took hours to get phone calls to go through and with the rd conditions and wrecks, it took a while for the dad to get to us.
2:00…we finally have to leave bus. Walk to school where we think we will stay. Luckily, a parent leaving stopped and it happened to be a kid from Logan’s class and lived in our neighborhood. It took us over an hour to go about 8 miles, but we made it!! She couldn’t go all the way to our house, so we started walking the last bit, but another good soul on a Polaris picked us up and took it the rest of the way.
3:30…finally home where we could pee and eat!
Meanwhile taylor was stuck at school because his and many busses couldn’t get to the school. He was waiting on me to get him, but I obviously wasn’t going to be able to get him. I was so upset, but couldn’t show that with kids on the bus. Taylor was upset, but handled it well!!! He called paw paw who was able to go get him.
Jim, luckily, had an eye dr apt and just came straight home. Again, a 20 minute ride, was nearly 2 hours. He tried to come get Logan and I, but there was no way around town. The rds were either too slick or wrecked and abandoned cars blocked the rd.
4:00…the kids had waited as long as they could and they took their beach boogie boards and slid down the driveway.
Wednesday: schools out and Jim’s off. We went outside and slid down the street. Yes, all of us did! We had fun!
The boys played outside all day!
We ventured out to get my car that was still at work. It was ok in spots, but still iffy in others. We made it with no trouble.
Thursday: schools out and Jim’s off. There was no ice left, so no sledding, but enough snow to play in. We went out for lunch, we had cabin fever, we had to go somewhere!!! While we were
eating we got the call that school was out again Friday!
Friday: Jim went back to work. The kids played outside all day with no coat! Yep, welcome to Alabama! Only here can you miss 4 days of school, leave 1000’s of cars and people stranded, 1000’s of kids in schools and it hit 60 degrees on Friday!!
So, the Watts’ survived the Dusting of 2014! ????


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