November 22, 2013 Day + 3887 post transplant Day +3585 off therapy

One month! Can you believe I updated again in 1 month! I don’t know how I ever had time to do it daily.
Its been a litle bit of a slow down since my last post. Taylor’s homecoming game was great! They won 20-8 and had the first ever 7th grade undefeated team! Awesome!!! I was so glad he was a part of that. Logan has had so many cool opportunities through baseball and I was glad to see Taylor get one too. They will soon have a football banquet and other than the dressing up, he is pumped about it!

Guh and I took the boys to the pumpkin patch. They had a good time. We ended up with 4 of the biggest pumpkins they had!

The boys and a group of their friends played in a charity kick ball game for a fellow cancer warrior. We had a blast and they brought home the 1st place trophy!

Taylor ended up with micoplasma and a sinus infection and had a rough time getting over that. He was so tired and had horrible headaches. Luckily, he seems to finally be over it. He still has headaches which sends me over the edge, but honestly, I think it s stress. This is a hard year. I knew the older he got the harder it would get, but geez!! His IEP hasn’t worked as it should and we have had to set a lot of things straight which has left him with bad grades, redoing things etc that have just stressed us all out. I don’t need him to get straight a’s, but I wont have f’s either. We are getting through it though!

Taylor got his cast off and was thrilled! it felt stiff, so he still wouldn’t use it at first, but he is fine now. Of course, a trip to Disney will cure anything!

Yes, we went back! We had a fabulous time because it was not crowded at all!! The boys also did the Mickey Mile. They ran a mile around the wide world of sports complex. Logan finished in 7:28 and Taylor finished in 7:53. I thought was good for a first try at something like that! They got medals and everything. It was a lot of fun!

We are gearing up for a winter ball tournament at the beach. Christmas holidays and some down time at home.

Please pray for all our cancer fiiends. Sweet Malaya went home to Jesus. Ollie and Charlie Jean are home from transplant. Kayla just finished MIBG therapy and is ready to head to transplant. Kelsey is feeling yuck. Jessica has Graph vs host and is not doing well. Carly is pain free and back in school. Alex got the “cured” word! Keep them all in prayer and pray that Taylor has no more cancer!!

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