October 22, 2013 Day +3856 post transplant Day + 3554 off therapy

Busy, busy, busy, that what we are and we love it!

August was very busy! Logan’s baseball team, Alabama Elite, went to Orlando Florida to play in the Elite World Series. You had to earn your way into this tournament. There were 35 teams from across the country and we came in 5th! The boys all did an amazing job in extreme heat and rain. They played great ball, kept a great attitude and had a great time!!! We played ball Saturday through Thursday, so it didn’t leave much time for Disney, but we managed to squeeze a little bit in. We tried a water park for the first time with the kids and they enjoyed it. Its always fun when yo uhave your ball buddies there too. It was an amazing experience for sure!!

We arrived home around 9:30 on a Sunday evening and Monday we all hit the ground running! I started a week of work meetings, jim started back to work, but the kids actually had a week of no practices and got to relax a little bit. We ended that week with meet the Jackets night at the school. It was so fun watching Taylor be a part of something like that. I know every mom and dad out there were beaming with pride for their son or daughter that was participating in football, band, cheer or whatever they were in, but to have a child with Taylor’s medical history to be alive and well enough to be playing football…..only a God thing!
We had late night Friday night, but had to be up very early to make it to camp SAM for family camp. Of course, we had an incredible time like always. I saw a side of Taylor I have not seen in public before. He was dancing his heart out, leading the pack and there was a time that he wouldn’t even go to the dance. I tell ya, camp is an amazing place where these kids can truly be themselves.
Monday morning started school. See, I told ya we were busy! Taylor has a pretty sweet schedule with all academics over by 5th period then its fun stuff. He will stay after school for football now, so no bus for him. He is in heaven being part of this. Logan has Mrs. Selph who is fun yet tough, he will be challenged. He got his best bud in his class, so he is set.
The first week of school was good. Hard to get in the routine, but we made it. I skipped on Friday, I know what kind of example is that!! I went with the girls to the beach for a rainy, weekend. It was still a lot of fun! We were home early sunday for baseball. Yes, a week later and we were back at it!
The following week started football games. Talk about exciing! To see Taylor bust through that banner and run onto the filed, awesome!!! They won 22-8 over Bottenfield.
Lucky me got to take a secong beach trip, this time with Guh and Nana. It was beautful and we had a nice, relaxing time. I came home with 4 stinky ole jhermit crabs that they begged for yet never touch!
September brought more ball and more long days. Taylor played Pelham (W 13-26), Erwin (W16-0), Rudd (W 8-6), Pleasant Grove (W14-0), Briarwood (W18-14) and Chelsea (W 30-16) They are 7-0 going tinto homecoming against Hueytown who is also 7-0. Should be a great game!

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