August 2. 2-13 Day + 3775 Days post transplant 3473 Days off treatment

July was a bit slower for us. We had a few weeks off from playing and practice was a lot slower. It was a nice break, but you get bored when you are used to being on the go. You enjoy the first little bit of your off time then you get antsy. Well, we do anyway. We aren’t homebodys, for sure.

Taylor has continued with his summer work out program at school. Luckily, no more dehydration issues. He still doesn’t drink enough for my liking, but doing better. They had a 7 on 7 last week and he played QB. He is loving it!! I am loving that he loves it and I am a little excited about games and the school spirit and envolvment, but the actual thought of my kid playing…..vomit! I am so scared he will get hurt. He is not the smallest by far on his team, but it isn’t his team I am worried aout!

We have had some down time, but that is ending today. We are headed to Orlando for the Elite world series. There are 35 teams from all over even Mexico! We hope to get some Disney time in, but this is a baseball trip first. We come back in a week and have only one very busy week left until school starts. We have camp, meet the Jackets night, meet the teacher, a girls beach trip and the first game all in August.

I guess after the start of school madness is over we will leap back into fall ball and keep right on trucking!

I can’t believe I will have a 4th and 7th grader! I am hoping and praying for a good year with Taylor. He has always had good years, so I am not sure why I fret, just the unknown I guess. Plus, he is getting into the stuff that I cant help with!

Please be in prayer for the many who are still in this fight or just starting this fight. I am so blessed to be on the other side. Blessed to allow Taylor to show people that NB can be beaten. Blessed to have God on our side and still in the miracle business!!

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